Moms are stronger
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Mother’s Day is shortly approaching and I’ve been contemplating on how to acknowledge all the special “moms’ in my life. They are strong women to stronger moms. Without them in my life, I’m not sure how I would have gotten this far, as a woman and as a mom.

My mom

My mom is probably one of the strongest and fierce lady I’ve ever known in my life. Well I’m sure it makes a difference that the first person I’m sure I saw when I was born had to have been my mom (maybe the doctor but you get what I mean). The connection between a mom and her child is an unbelievable one.

My mom has taught me so much about perseverance, to never give up, to find strength in your weaknesses, and to NEVER give up. She has taught me to push myself more than I, myself, thought I could. Just when things get rough, she reminds of where I’ve been and where I need to go. To not look back at the hardships but to move forward and surpass that struggles and challenges.

She has gone through her own share of struggles, and challenges as well. Health wasn’t always on her side, and she always had to work extra hard financially as well. Nothing was ever given or taken for granted. She always earned her way to where she was and she’s managed to do it through the various obstacles.

Watching her has taught me to be a strong mom. Hurdles in life are meant for you to jump over so instead of worrying and being in fear of it, just overcome them. She’s taught me resilience and poise at the same time. To never lose the person that I was, am, and could be.

My Sister

My sister was someone who I grew up with and was by my side all the time. We grew up going in to different directions. She was more in business related and I went into education. When my sister had her first child, I couldn’t picture her as a mom, but I knew I would spoil my niece with everything.

Then she had her second child and I could see that motherhood has kicked in. Being a working mom for most of the time, she had a lot to juggle between work and family. Her views on both were important very much and so much was learned through her. Watching her going through motherhood and a career mom showed me how tough dual role can be.

It’s hard to be the best at work or best with family, but her resilience shows her efforts in both. She’s gone through her share of obstacles in life but always manages to deal with them in her own ways. A strong women to stronger moms, definitely describes my sister.

My Mother-In-Law

My mother-in-law is a career woman. I’m used to seeing her in a business attire many times because she was a full-time working mom. She was a career mom who was in the high position with many people to lead. Being able to manage her career and her family had to have been tough, but she did with poise and confidence.

She cared for many and was always accommodating as well. I’ve seen her come from work late just in time to join everyone for dinner, or to even prepare dinner. One of her main goals was to make sure that her children had everything they needed with her efforts. It’s not always easy being a career woman and a mom but she showed the best in both.

Mom Friends

My group of mom friends vary as career/mom, sahm (stay at hom moms), or wahm (work at home moms). But one thing that they all have in common are that they do the best they can in whatever they do. We are all moms working for the best interest of our children and it doesn’t always come easy. We all make mistakes and we all face challenges, but we all overcome them somehow, someway. That’s how strong women are.

We are stronger than we think and stronger than we are. We were strong as women but stronger as moms, and nothing can change that, no matter what.

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  1. There are some special women in my life too

  2. Patricia Chamberlain

    I love surrounding myself with other strong women!

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