Driving with a fear
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What is it about fear that makes it soooo difficult to overcome? Why is fear such a big challenge in many of our lives? Fear of the unknown, fear of death, fear of failure, and many more. What does it take to know how to overcome a fear?

Fear Of Driving

One of my biggest fears in life 6 years ago was driving and it still somewhat haunts me till this day. (I’ll share a post about my pregnancy that details the reason behind it). My driving skills are limited to just local distances. Even then, I travel a secret path through the residential area as much as I can. Something about sitting at a traffic light or a stop sign gives me the jitter bugs. Yet, driving for a long distance also gives me a hard time.

Even my social life (before Covid-19) has decreased a lot because whenever people ask me to meet up or hang out (girls night out/or without my husband) I would always make up an excuse not to go because I didn’t want to always mention my driving ability that I lost 6 years ago. Yes, it’s been 6 years since I’ve been on a freeway.

My driving skills were forever taken away from me 6 years ago with my pregnancy trauma and I still have not completely overcome that fear. I don’t want to be that (high school kid) getting dropped off by her dad, so I never really asked my husband to drop me off. I stopped making plans because I just didn’t want to deal with driving to and from the place. Don’t get me wrong, I can still drive. If I had to drive to a further distance then I’m used to, I will drive but I just won’t feel comfortable.

Throughout the years, driving has gotten somewhat more and more comfortable. I can handle the stops a lot more and I am able to redirect my thoughts so that when an uncomfortable part shows up, I can use some positive affirmations to get me through that point. My waiting at the traffic lights have become a bit more comfortable, and I don’t ALWAYS have to rely on the side streets to get from point A-Z.

Encouragement With Fear

When my husband is in the passenger seat, I get more encouraged to drive a little further because I know that in the back of my mind, he is there to protect us if anything was to happen. I can go a further distance, and I don’t get as jittery at the stops either. It could be distraction of having an “adult” to talk to in the car, or it could just be a security reason. I’m not quite sure but driving with him in the car hasn’t been a problem. It could also be a security measure of having him by my side as well. Fear gets you at the best when you’re not sure how to overcome a fear.

When Fear Gets Ignited

My biggest fear of driving gets ignited especially when I have the kids in the car by myself and I have to drive a longer distance. I think its the mother’s protective anxiety at its highest peak of making sure I drive to keep my kids safe in the car with me. I always have to make sure they are buckled, sitting in their seats, and being as less distractive as possible.

Umm they are 2 and 6 so it’s an expectation that is not always met. When the kids start fighting, screaming, or singing off the top of their lungs while I’m driving, I just get flustered and get antsy. The longer the drive, the more antsy I get.

But the strange part of it is that it’s not always the same. There will be days where they will do all of the mentioned above in the car, and I will not have any issues driving. We can sing together, laugh together, and talk without having any jitteriness. And then there are days where they will be completely quiet in the car and I get the jittery still.

Someone mentioned to me before that it could be all in the mind and how I perceive it to be and they could be right. Whatever the reason is, overcoming this fear has improved and will continue to improve as time passes.

One thing that helps me during my drives are listening to music with our amazon music.

Amazon Music

My Family has the unlimited family plan so we are able to listen to it on any of our “alexas” and have the apps downloaded on our devices. So I get to listen to my favorite music when I drive, and it helps me keep my mind focused yet positive. If you don’t have amazon music, I would highly recommend it. Click on the provided link to get more information.

Learning to over come has taught me to never give up.

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