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Is it normal to say that my kids are obsessed with screen time? Every chance they get to have any type of screen time, they will jump on it. Whether it be Tv, IPad, Phone, or even a short computer time, they will utilize every chance they get. Do you have top 5 family shows that everyone can watch on your favorite list? They even try to hop on and watch what mom and dad are trying to watch to.

The Voice

One of our favorite shows is the voice because not only do the kids enjoy listening to other people sing, they also enjoy the how the judges interact with each other. Watching the different styles of people singing and bringing the various types of music brings out joy in the kids. They get said when no one gets picked, and get super excited when a chair or two or four turns around for a particular singer.

The best part of watching the voice is that they reenact the show during their play time. One pretends to be the contestant while the other one is a judge and ask the same questions that are asked in the show. Just the other night, the family engaged in a “voice” reenact night taking turns being the judge and the contestant. It’s a great family music show.

America’s Funniest Home Videos

This one is a new one on our list. Recently they saw a clip of America’s funniest home videos from a commercial and was intrigued by it. They wanted to see more, so daddy was able to find some old episodes of them. It brings out one of the biggest laughters out of our family. The bloopers are a big hit as well. It’s just a good way to share the funny moments together. And what do you know? They started new episodes of them as well. Now we just have to tune in every Sunday waiting for new episodes.

America’s Got Talent

This show is a hit or miss for me, but the family loves watching it. They love the various talents that are showcased and seeing the judges reactions as well, but some of the show contents are not appropriate so I either face forward or distract the kids from watching that particular segment.

The singing, the dancing, the magic, and the funny parts are all dandy, but when it comes to the scary stunts, I’m not a fan of it. I’m not a thriller type of a person and watching the stunts give me anxiety. Plus, some of the parts just don’t seem appropriate for young kids to watch when theirs weapons and knives involved, even if it’s just for a show. Other than those specific segments, everyone enjoys the show.

Dancing Shows – World of Dance, So You Think You Can Dance

Dancing show is a must in our house because of my first born. Sister is a dance fanatic as mentioned in previous posts. She enjoys dancing to all types of music and expressed her love for music through it. We love the variety of music that is portrayed in the shows and love watching each character(s) express their lives through music. Kids often enjoy following the dance moves or pretends like they are in the show as well.

Fuller House On Repeat

Need I say more for anyone who grew up watching Full House, that Fuller House is just as enjoyable? I can say that I am obsessed with the show and so are my kids. We pretty much have the show on repeat on Netflix, and it’s the first one to pop up when we turn on Netflix as well. It’s a go to show for us when we want to just sit down and there’ nothing else to watch.

We love how the show portrays the every day life of a family, although the endings might not always be the same for everyone. The kids know all the characters by name and how they are related to each other. Sometimes they even know the next scene of a particular episode. That’s how much we love the show .

So when you have a chance try checking out our top 5 family shows to watch and see if it’s one of yours.

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