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Is there such a thing as how to be a perfect mom? Is there a way to know how to be one? Let’s begin by establishing the fact that the answer to either of those questions is a solid NO. There is no such thing as being perfect. There’s mom and a mom who does her best, but nothing or no one can define how to be that perfect mom. But I can suggest ways to be a great mom, because perfectionism doesn’t exist in motherhood. It’s just something people are expecting of themselves but isn’t realistically possible.

Love Being Yourself

Being yourself can come in all aspect. Love being the person you are before the mom you are. You have to give self-love before you can share that love with anyone else. Love every aspect of yourself and spread that same idea to the children. Positive mindset about ourselves is such a huge factor in how we teach our kids to treat themselves.

Stop Comparing

Although its so much more easier said than done, we need to stop comparing ourselves to other moms. What we see is not always what’s happening behind the scene. We often see that one mom that seems to handle everything and in control of things but you don’t know what she might be going through inside. What looks great on the outside might or might not be the reality of that particular mom. So instead of wishing or wanting things to be someone else, focus on the positive aspect of your own life.

Be Attentive To The Children

Be there for the kids. Some moments may seem like nothing and others may seem big, but try to embrace every moment that your child wants to show. I know that we all have our bad days and days that seem so long, but watching our children grow is a moment that passes by so fast. Cherish the moments and give praise when needed.

Why this phrase is so much harder than it is because of many factors. Society today is way different than society 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and 50 years ago. There’s obviously pros and cons but I feel like kids are facing so much challenges than when we grew up and when our parents grew up. Facing challenges meaning life is not as simple as being able to play outside by ourselves or constantly needing supervision. There’s so much more caution in this world today with all the chaos that weren’t huge factors in the past.

Accept The Challenges And Struggles

All moms go through challenges, even though it may seem like they’re not. It might not be the same struggles as you, but we all have our differences. Take a look at New Mom Challenges and you’ll see what I’m talking about. But we have to learn to accept that we will face difficult times as a mom and that it’s okay. You will have to learn as you go and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. So when you ask yourself is there a way on how to be that perfect mom, the challenges will give you the answer directly, and it’s a no.

Open And Close Your Ears

To simply put this phrase, in with one ear and out with the other. You will get plenty of advices from everyone and anyone. Only utilize what pertains to you and what helps you. Other than that, learn to agree and disagree. What worked for one mom may or may not work for another mom. When someone try to impose that it’s the only way to go, just agree to disagree and to your thing.

Mom Life is For Life

When you signed up to be mom, you are in it for life. There is no time limit or a withdrawing moment as a mom. You are the kid’s mom for life and it’s a life time duty. It’s not like a 9-5 job that you quit because it’s too hard or it just doesn’t suit you. You’re in it whether you like it or not, because mom’s jobs are never ending, even if they may leave your womb.

It’s Okay To Be Sorry

Moms make mistakes and that’s okay. We are entitled to being sorry and should be okay to say sorry whatever situations that come up. Who say’s mom’s can’t be sorry? It’s also our responsibility to teach ourselves and our kids to apologize for something you did wrong and to be okay with it.

Have A Life Of Your Own Away From Kids

One of the greatest way for moms to have some sanity is doing or having something to own for ourselves. Whether you create a hobby or just a time to read a book, give yourself time to do things. Some moms like to knit, listen to music, crochet, talk on the phone with a friend, or even blog like me. Find an outlet away from your children that gives you that me time.

Expect The Unexpected Things To Happen

As a mom, you will learn quickly to expect the unexpected to things happen at any given time. Sleepless Nights, life changes, constant reminders, and more. Planning ahead is a great way to prepare but always keep in mind that things may or may not go accordingly. It’s always good to have a plan B as back-up because chances of Plan A being successful aren’t always guaranteed.

Have A Support System

As a saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” it takes having a support system is part of being a good mom. A support system of moms, parents, sisters, grandparents, friends, co-workers, social network, and other means of connections you can make with others. Having people around you that can share ideas, tips, and helpful ways can be so beneficial to our physical, emotional, social, and mental health and helps us be better moms. Surround yourself with positive people, and the support system can last so much longer.

It’s A Full-Time Job

The greatest gift you can ask for is a healthy little boy or little girl to shine the magical day of my life but it’s also hard time because it’s a full-time job. It doesn’t just start with the sun rises but a 24-7 job. It can be a great job, an amazing job, and an important job as well, but it’s also a hard work. Hard lessons are learned first time around and terrible mistake will be made at times but that’s all part of a mother’s love. Each day consist of little things that become best thing, but at the end of the day, your job makes you a strong mother.

Inspirational Quotes Will Help

Sometimes greatest spiritual teachers to give you the strength of motherhood will be words of strong mom quotes or motherhood quotes that share the same parent’s love. Best quotes are the ones that give you funny thing, normal human being stories, and unconditional love that we share. Sometimes hearing someone else tell you that it is hard mama. Beautiful things can be the hardest thing to go through but a love of a parent will never fade for your own child.

Social Media Attributes

The important thing about social media is that you have just take what you can and leave the rest. For a long time human beings have been relying on social media to tell you what is the right thing, wrong thing good news, and the bad news. It was a perfect opportunity for people to search and find answers. The worst thing was that it wasn’t realistic expectations. It shows how to be good parents, perfect parent, perfect child, and successful mothers, instead of showing the good enough mother scenarios too. A mother’s love should be shown in many different situations, not just in a perfect surrounding with the best part zoomed in.

Letting Go Of The Illusions

Do not let a beautiful gift of being called a mom be shattered by illusions and myths of having to be perfect mom. in the eyes of your child you are the greatest thing. Your ill become their best friend and a greater honor is given for the parental love. So instead of being caught up on the perfection myth, that everything has to a certain way, be able to shine within yourself. See the mom that you are. The greatest wish you can give yourself is to free yourself from the expectations. it’s okay to be who you are, the way you are, because you are the perfect mom just the way you are.

So is there a way on how to be that perfect mom? To me, there isn’t. Every mom has their good and bad and that’s all part of motherhood. What can also help is to write a Journal of your journey and see the progress of your daily life as a mom. With enough time, much love will be given to the all moms without having to live up to the society expectations to be perfect in very way. The best gift and the most positive things in the world is being called the mom of a young child and watching them grow.

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  1. I love this entire list. Expect the unexpected is something that I live by!

    1. enlightenedelisa1

      I say it all the time, but sometimes hard when unexpected happens still lol

  2. I agree it is important to have a life outside of being a mom. These are great tips.

    1. enlightenedelisa1

      I need to work more on my life outside of mom life lol

  3. These are great tips. Not being “perfect” is something I have been struggling with. Thank you.

    1. enlightenedelisa1

      I feel like we all do, because we want to be that perfect mom that doesn’t exist

  4. As a mom, I make mistakes all the time, but whenever I do, I know it’s ok because I am only human. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing.

    1. enlightenedelisa1

      I agree. It’s part of our lives and we grow through them.

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