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Stress plays one of the biggest roles in how our body, mind, and heart reacts to everything. It’s one of the biggest factors in people’s life, that are silently affective. I’ve compiled 7 tips of stress relief that works for me, and might help others.


Music works wonders on stress. In fact it works wonders in many other ways as well. Music is often used a healing ones mind and heart, and it can definitely help de-stress. Depending on the type of music, you can either blast some fast muck to help “shake off all the stress,” or listening to some classical/slow music to help calm and relax your body.

It can be used to help get a little relief from stress or worries. Music doesn’t only mean listening. You can dance and sing your hearts out as well. We use “Alexa” for music for my whole family. I believe you have to subscribe to amazon music but it normally has a free trial so you can always try it. We love ours.


Prior to few years ago, I’ve only gotten one massage with one of my friends. Back then, it was just something we did one time as a fun day experience. Fast forward a few years, my mother in law took me to get a massage for my birthday. It was a full course of facial massage with a body massage.

My body was so tensed, any part that the masseuse touched was painful. I was squeaking like a mouse the whole time. Since then, we were able to get one massage every month or two, but since with COVID, it’s become impossible. So I invested in this massaging tool for now and it’s become my best friend. I mainly use it for my neck and shoulders but it can be used in other areas as well.

Retail Therapy

Who can say no to retail therapy? How can shopping not relieve any stress right? Making a purchase of something you love or need gives you that feeling of satisfaction. Something about retail therapy brings joy and happiness. It doesn’t always have to be about making a purchase for yourself.

Shopping for others also gives you a feeling of gratitude because you’re doing something for someone else. Even if it’s buying a new shirt for you child, or even a new kitchen gadget that needed an upgrade, shopping bring joy. Sometimes even, just a simple window shopping help your mind refresh and de-clutter from whatever might have been causing the stress.


Cleaning has always been a stress reliever for me. When you wash and scrub, not only does it give you the feeling of cleanliness, but also a feeling for completion. It’s a feeling of accomplishing a goal. Obviously, cleaning is not always fun because sometimes it becomes a chore, and who likes having to do chores? But when you do some deep cleaning, clearing out the closet or a pantry for example, you’d be surprised at how fresh you feel once it’s done.


Whether it be day trips, weekend trips, or weeks/months trips, any type of a get away helps release stress. Getting away from the normal routine(s) at home or work can help reduce the amount of stress in your body. Being confined to one area can build up unknown stress, which can become a frustrating factor in life. Taking a break from your everyday life and going for a drive or a trip can be refreshing and helpful to the soul.


To many, exercise is a love hate relationship. Some really love to get that great workout, while other’s don’t want to move an inch. Some have to exercise in order to keep in shape or lose weight, while other’s don’t gain anything weight without any exercise. But one thing for sure is that your body seeks physical movement. When doctors tell you to do at least 30 minutes of exercise or physical movement, they don’t just tell you just because.

It actually benefits your mind and body. It especially plays a role in helping reduce your stress because the movements help you focus on releasing all the tension in your body. Some say it helps detox and some say it releases all the toxins through the sweating. Forever whatever reason it may be, physical activities give you a sensation of relief.


They say laughter is a medicine alone. So why not take advantage of something free. Find something funny to laugh about. Usually watching a comedy or some sort or listening to jokes help you laugh. Watching my kids do or say funny things always makes me laugh. One of the shows that we recently started watching as a family is America’s Funniest Home Videos.

My kids are obsessed over it, because there are some funny videos. They ask to watch it every day! I believe the new season has started and we watch a little here and there. You can also talk to an old friend and catch up. Good friends usually find something to laugh about together. Do starring contest. I lose most of the time because I can’t help but laugh. There are various things you can find to bring laughter into your life. Find yours and it will play a huge factor in your stress relief.

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  1. There really are a lot of great things we can do to help take better care of ourselves. Doing so is more important this year than ever before. Great list. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes this year has been that of a craziest one. Hope you take cares!

  2. I love this post!! Such great ideas to relieve stress. I personally love to exercise and especially LAUGH! Thanks for this!

    1. They say laughter is the best free medicine so why not take advantage right? Hope you take cares!

  3. Good tips, we can all use stress relief this year!

    1. Yes we all need it especially this year. Wishing for a better 2021! Hope you take cares!

  4. Music is such a big one for me! Listening, dancing, or singing along all help me to relieve stress. Thanks!

    1. Same here! I do all three lol! Hope you take cares!

  5. These are all great ideas. I love exercise to relieve stress and the massage sounds great if I could just set aside the time to do it. Thanks for these tips especially to get through the end of this crazy year 🙂

  6. Haha, you’re so right about “retail therapy”!!!

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