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What is distance learning? Who would have thought that it would have come down to kids having to school through distance learning? As we parents ponder through these questions, times have changed where our kids are learning through computer/iPad instead face to face interactions with their teachers. This pandemic life has left our children in a stage of a new learning curve. The computer/iPad has completely taken over as the new normal learning technique. But are the schools really prepared to re-open?

School Re-opened For Some Counties

Some part of California has gone back to school physically while the other parts are still maintaining the virtual learning. So what’s my intake on this? As much as I find it difficult having my child at home with me learning through an instruction given through the iPad, I’m not so sure I’m ready to send my kid out into the world without much control over the pandemic.

It’s not that I don’t trust my kid, because she has been trained very well to maintain social distancing (6 feet or more distance) to keep her mask on at all times outside (unless otherwise told to), and to thoroughly wash her hands with soap or sanitize when necessary. But its the environment that she will be in. Who is getting exposed? Who is keeping their social distancing?

Are all the kids and staff maintaining their social distance protocols? Are everyone washing their hands and protecting themselves and others? Is everyone wearing their masks at any given time? How are the children playing during recess? How are they eating during snack and lunch time? These questions have not been answered and if so, not a clear understanding has been made. And as a parent, I’m very skeptical with the schools opening back up with the uncertainties.

Recess and Eating Protocols

How will recess and eating times be monitored? Are kids expected to stay 6 feet distance from their friends during recess or are they able to engage at any distance during play time? How about during snack and lunch time? Are they all eating next to each other or are they asked to sit within a certain distance from one another?

I understand that the older kids are expected to be more alert and aware so they would follow the guidelines provided by the school, but what is expected of the younger group of kids? How will they know what and where to be? What will be expected of the lower grade children?

Asymptomatic People

Another aspect of opening up schools is what about those asymptomatic kids and staff. How are everyone protected from those that are asymptomatic when they themselves might not be aware of the virus within them? So many people carry this virus (Covid-19) without knowing it, and that is one of my biggest fears as a parent and as a person.

The fact that the guy standing behind me in a grocery store, or a girl strolling along next to me at target might be carrying the virus unknowingly, and neither one of us can do anything about it. So how will going to school without knowing who might carry this virus make me, as a parent, feel secured to send my daughter back to school?

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