Forgive yet not forgeat
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Forgiveness is such a strong word with great depth to it. What is forgiveness? What are you forgiving? Who are you forgiving? Will forgiveness help better the situation? Can You forgive and forget?


Throughout everyone’s lives, there will come a time where someone does something wrong to you or vice versa. It may be emotional, mental, or a physical hurt that may or may not leave a permanent scar. Feelings will be hurt and relationships may be broken. How do you forgive someone or something that caused you so much hurt? How do you let things go? It’s never an easy process to forgive anyone.

Sometimes when you forgive, it feels like it makes you vulnerable to the other person and you may feel defeat. It can make you feel like you lost the battle. But forgiving is far from that. It’s a step taken to mend a situation that caused a problem in the first place. It’s learning to say that you forgive and have accepted to move on from the situation. It means to stop the resentful angry feelings and to put a stop to a punishment of any sort.

Not Forgotten

Often through the difficulties, we learn to forgive BUT never forget. People say forget it and move on, but things should never be forgotten. Memories whether they are good or bad should not be completely forgotten because it is what made you today. Of course that doesn’t mean to sit there and dwindle on the bad memories. Not forgetting means to keep it in a memory box of learned lessons so that you don’t make that same mistake again. Instead of neglecting what has happened, you put it in a memoir of your own. Only way to not let something bad happen again is to remember the lesson you learned from it, and move on.

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