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Ever since the pandemic started back in March, I have become a crazy germaphobe of everything. You ask who is the sanitizing queen in your household? I never imagined myself being those crazy people/parent wiping everything down, washing my hands a thousand times, and sanitizing my hands until they get dried to no other. But here I am in 2020 and I’ve become that person and I don’t regret it one bit. This pandemic has brought who is the sanitizing queen out of me that I never expected. I am about a million times more of a sanitizer than I was before.


Mask are mandatory for the family and I. I know that it becomes a controversial issue with so many people believing that it doesn’t help and what’s the point of wearing a mask? But to me it’s a sense of security, a hope, a belief, and a precautionary measure that can help us stay one step safer from the virus. Although people are asked to take precautions such as staying home if you have symptoms or wearing a mask, not everyone abides by the rules.

If science shows that wearing a masks can help prevent or at least lessen the spread of the virus to one another, why not make an attempt to try? Why not take the precautions not only for yourself but for the sake of the others? Therefore, it’s very important that we try to protect ourselves from those that might not take things as serious. Keep in mind, there’s also the asymptomatic people who may carry the virus without any symptoms.

Imagine yourself standing next to someone who is not wearing a mask, but talks with a lot of droplets coming out of his mouth, and is carrying the virus unknowingly? How would you feel if you become the victim of getting the virus just through that interaction or even vice versa because neither one of you were wearing a mask? Would you want to chance that situation happening? Is it worth taking the risk of not wearing the mask when it has a high chance of more protection?

Market Trips

Market trips are so different theses days as well. Most of the time, it’ll be either my husband or myself going inside the grocery stores unless we take what the kids call a “family trip,” which is usually to a target or a costco sometimes. When I go to the market, I get my mask on of course and a disinfectant wipe for the cart.

I’ve got my sanitizer hooked on to my purse for extra cleansing so that I can sanitize my hands if I’m touching fruits and vegetables that might have gone through the hands of many others prior to me. (I’ll attach the link to the one I have at the end). The wipe is kept on the handle of the cart as I push and maneuver my way around. Once all the items are purchased, we sanitize each item before we place them in the trunk of our car. It’s become a habit for us unless we’re in a rush, then we end up sanitizing when we get home. I’ve am that sanitizing queen.

Take-Out Food

Although studies have shown that the COVID-19 doesn’t seem to affect food itself, I still get paranoid to a certain degree. All take-out containers are sanitized and wiped down when we bring it to the house. Then the food is removed into our own containers and microwaved. One of the doctors that I follow on facebook, stated that if we were still uncomfortable about outside food, try bringing it to some extra heat which might help decrease/kill the “possible virus.” I’m not sure to what extent this helps, but I’ve been doing it as an extra step of precaution.

Everyone deals with sanitizing or cleaning in their own ways. The sanitizing queen in me sanitizes things this way. In no way am I to say that this way is the correct or the better way. I’m sure some people sanitize a little less or a little more, and that is all okay. It’s each to their own. You may ask who is the sanitizing queen in your household?

Here’s the link to the sanitizing container that I have attached to my purse.

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