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Looks can be deceiving and it may not always tell a full story about a person. It’s so amazing how people wear so many different faces just in one body. They wear the I’m a very nice person on the outside, but can be one of the meanest people in the world, or have a mean look on the face but can be the nicest person on Earth. I’ve gone through so many faces of people, yet I still can’t tell who is who. Until some type of a relationship is built with them, it’s hard to tell. So what are the mysterious faces of people?

Nice But Mean Face

There’s always that one person in a group or groups of people that seems to be the nicest to everyone, no matter one. They portray the good traits and show off the personality of an extremely nice person that everyone loves and adores. But behind the scenes, they do the most “crap” talking about everyone and everything.

They mingle with everyone to get the stories of their lives, just to turn it around and spread the news to the other people. Even to the people they dislike, they will act upon in a nice gesture just to keep their “nice” persona around. The truth be told that these people are the ones that live a two-faced lives.

Upfront they are nice, but in the back, they will hurt you without you knowing. These type of people are the ones that I have the toughest time dealing with. If you don’t like someone, why be fake and act like you like them, just to go behind their back and talk badly of them. Why not just be honest and be upfront with them, or just kindly walk away and not interact with them. Being nice to them in front of their faces and then talking badly of them to others seems like a very cowardly act.

Mean But Nice Face

Then there’s the people that show off a mean look, but have the nicest personalities ever. Just by nature, their facial expressions may portray a not so nice look to people that see them. The look on their face might show somewhat of a mean looking angry persona, but once you approach them, they might be the nicest people in the world.

Just as the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you can’t judge a person by their outside appearance because there might be the sweetest angel hiding behind that body. These people are the ones that get the most misconceptions because when a person looks mean, they aren’t very approachable. It is very unlikely that a person will say “Hmm, he/she looks very mean but I’m going to go and talk to them regardless!” That is why everyone should be given a chance to show who they are, without any judgement upfront.

Nice and Nice Face

Of course there’s always the God sent angels who look nice and is nice to everyone they see. No matter what the situation might be, or how they are treated, they never portray any negative side to them inside or out. It’s just in their nature to have that positive vibe where everyone seeks their kindness.

Someone who shows off this persona is often humble and kind without even trying. The kind personality just comes out naturally. These people aren’t the gossipers and will not talk about people behind their backs. The nice people don’t really find any fault in others because they see the good in all. They often bring out the good in others as well because people often become more positive being around them. There’s so much good to learn when you are surrounded by positive people.

Careless Soul Face

Finally there’s the careless soul, who doesn’t care to be nice or mean. Not much expression is shown with their presence. They may or may not be nice and they may or may not be mean. The expressions of their opinions may not affect anyone in anyway. This in no way is to say these people are negative in any way. The careless soul face soul usually seems to stand mutual grounds.

Faces of people are very mysterious and can be surprising. Everyone has their own personalities and express the way they feel. These are just some of the faces that I’ve dealt it in the past and in the present. It doesn’t not mean that these are the only faces of people. These are just based on my own experiences. But just as it is wise not to judge a book by it’s cover, it is wise to not judge someone by their facial expressions and just get to know them first. Are you able to tell what are the mysterious faces of people in your ways?

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