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The pandemic life has everyone under a tight budgeting with people losing jobs and money being tight. It’s tough times right now and with the holidays just around the corner, it gets tougher. So why not shop on a budget friendly shopping spree? I’ve got 10 best gift suggestions under $5 that is perfect and budget friendly. (The prices are subject to change. These were prices as of the date this blog was posted)

1. Crayola Coloring Book Set Can you ever go wrong with a coloring book set? It is 288 pages filled coloring materials for both boys and girls and comes with stickers as well. Click on the link to find out the AMAZING price it’s going for.
2. Dove Refresh+Care Floral Dry Shampoo is an essential tool for women, especially moms who don’t get all the freedom to wash their hairs everyday or when they want to. This dry shampoo is not only budget friendly, but is helpful on the days where you might miss a hair wash. You just spray a little over in your oily areas and vooala! You’re good to go!
3. Melissa & Doug Design-Your-Own Bracelets is an cute little bracelet project for your little ones at an affordable price. And Melissa & Doug items are very popular with high quality items.
4. 4 Pack Womens Headband with Buttons for Face Mask is a budget friendly essential item right now. With the pandemic and the mask requirements, having to wear a mask all day can play a big toll on our ears. So why not utilize one of these headbands to give our ears a little break from all the pulling and tugging from the masks.
5. Novelty Men Cotton Socks Unisex 'Do Not Disturb' Do you have a gamer in the house? My husband often plays his video games and this would be an funny/joke item for him. (The kids and I will always disturb him during his games, no matter what lol).
6. Personalized Pens with Stylus Tip How cute is this universal gift that can be customized for anyone? Personalized the pen for your loved ones on a budge friendly way and they would love it!
7. LOUISE MAELYS 1Pcs Folding Mini Pocket Hair Comb with Mirror Travel Set Gift Idea What a cute little item to carry around in your purse! Although the item seems to target ladies, it comes in various colors and I think it’s good gift for those gentlemen who like to be groomed as well.
8. Melissa & Doug DYO Monster Truck How fun is it to paint and make your own little monster truck? It’s a fun little budget friendly project for both girls and boys. My daughter used to love playing with monster trucks when she was little so I would recommend it to anyone who loves to trucks and painting.
9. Hasbro Gaming Jenga Mini Game Can you ever go wrong with Jenna? Can you ever go with a mini Jenna game? You can travel with it and take it wherever you go and it’s a fun little game for everyone, especially a family game night.
10. Unisex Dog Face Mask  Where are all my dog lovers? How cute is this dog mask for universal use? Mask wearing is high recommended and required in many states and this cute one would be great!

If you are still in need of gift ideas, take a look at Gift Ideas for more suggestions!

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