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Prior to becoming a mother, not only did my purse vary in sizes but it also varied in the contents I was carrying. I used to carry whatever I needed for myself and myself only. Depending on the size, the items I carried were minimal to maximum. How To Tell A Difference In A Mom’s Purse?

Prior To Motherhood

Before becoming a mom, my purse was composed of a lot of women necessities. I had my wallet of course and my keys. Then I had at least a lipstick or a lipgloss of some sort for my lips. I loved carrying a chapstick as well, but for some reason, I always lost my chapstick. I kept on having to buy a new one, so eventually I just gave up on buying them. It cost too much (laughs out loud). I also had my phone in my purse. (Back then, I used to always keep my cell phone in side my purse).

There was also a pack of gum/candy/mint of some sort to help me when I needed a bit of some sugar content. I also had to make sure I carried a pen because it always came in handy. Well with a pen comes a little notepad or a notebook to write in. So there was always a writing tool as well. Sometimes I also carried a little compact or and eyeliner to fix my eye-make-up because even if it says it’s “waterproof,” we all know that, that’s not always the case. Can you tell my purse was probably bigger than my body?

After Motherhood

After becoming a mother, I don’t even know where my big purses went because everything fits in a diaper bag. When I had my first, I was gifted a huge diaper bag that weighted about a 1000 lbs or so and it over took my short body. The amount of stuff that I was able to fit in that diaper bag was a miracle. It seemed as if it had a million pockets everywhere and it was awesome.

This was very similar to the one I had. For some reason they don’t carry the one I had before anymore.

I carried everything baby essential at that time and more. So what happened to my purse? It became a crossbody. I started carrying the smallest purse possible to accommodate my HUGE diaper bag. The only things that fit in my purse were a small wallet, keys, and a mint. My phone always ended up in the back of my jean pocket that I was wearing.

As I had my second child, the diaper bag became way too heavy for me to carry. And my husband was not a fan of the huge bag either. So I bought myself this cute jujube hello kitty backpack and made it to be a diaper bag.

It didn’t have all the pockets that a diaper bag had but it was more convenient and cute for me to wear without it weighing down on me. It wasn’t bulky like a diaper bag and was very easy to wear. And with that, my crossbody purse became smaller and smaller. It only fit a small wallet and my keys at this point and I was okay with it. Now I use something like this and it works out great.

So how has motherhood changed for you? Do you see the difference as mentioned above? Do you know what’s in your purse before & after motherhood?

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  1. I’m in a similar boat to you. My purse after kids has evolved to a small wallet that goes in our diaper bag. For me packing lighter became a priority when I added my third.

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