When you feel sick
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Being a mom is a full-time, 24/7, no break kind of a job. Even when you feel like you’re getting a break, you’re really not. Even when you might not be physically there with your kid(s), you will be there mentally and spiritually. It’s so hard that there is no sick leave for moms.

Work At Home/Stay At Home Moms

The worst part about working from home or being a stay at home mom is that you get no sick leave. You work through the days because the kids still need you to be there. You can’t call in sick or leave your work/home because you’re sick. With a 2 year-old in the house, it’s very unlikely that you get to go to bed and rest either. Rain or shine, sick or not, mommy’s still need to do some of the daily routines.

The kids need to be fed so meals need to be prepared. Once the meals are done, then the dishes need to be done. Cleaning and washing are always part of the routine as well. In between the meals are the daily snacks. The snacks can vary from what they can grab, and what mom can make for them. One of the good things about a toddler is that he’s able to take his daily naps (most of the time) so you think you can catch a break while he’s sleeping? Nope!

Not when you have a 1st grader virtually learning and needs help with homework or class work. By the time you’re done helping with the homework, the toddler wake ups and the day continues like any normal day.

Why Do Kids Act Up More When Mom’s Are Sick?

Sick days are the worst. What is it about the kids that makes them act up more when you are sick? Is it because they get less attention than they normally do? They fight more than usual, they scream more than usual, and they don’t listen just as usual lol. Kids tend to know how to push your limits and your buttons, especially when you seem to be knocked down.

When your body seems to tell you that you need to pause and take a little break, it’s as if the kids read that mind before hand and start to behave worse than they usually do. Just like they act up more when you want to be on the phone, they get more wild when you’re sick or under the weather. It’s just part of the kid’s nature and you just learn to adjust to it. Sometimes it’s as if kids no that moms get no sick leave.

Strength Of A Mother

You’ll never know the strength of a person until you’ve met a mother. Mom’s have these crazy power and will that no one knows about until you become a mother yourself. The strength and resilience of a mom goes a million miles. The unexpected courage, the inner strength, the energy beyond what the body thinks it can handle, and the physical contributions are amazing.

Whether mom’s are sick or not, these mother’s instincts and inner selves come out and take over situations, even the most toughest ones possible. One of the best tools I’ve purchased in a while is this ice pack. It works wonders for all pain, especially headaches form migraines or in general. I’ve used for shoulder and neck pain, and so have my kids. I highly recommend this ice pack.

One of the go to drinks I have whenever I’m under the weather or feel tired is this type of Ginger/Citron Tea Paste. I put a big spoonful of this in a hot water and drink it throughout the day and it helps soothe your body.

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  1. Man, don’t I know it! Had such a terrible week last week with a migraine but I sure couldn’t call in sick. 🙁

    1. Valerie, right? It’s one of the toughest parts of being home. Oh you get migraines too? I’m right there with you sister. Migraines are the WORST too! What remedies work for you?

      1. The migraines are new for me. I think I’m starting to have them because I have Meneire’s disease, which is an inner ear thing…and it’s getting progressively worse. :/ Ugh, I don’t have any remedies yet except to sit in a dark, quiet room!! Kinda hard to do with five kids, lol. What about you? Any tips or tricks? I’m sorry you have migraines. 🙁

        1. Oh no.. hopefully your inner ear problem gets solved soon. My migraine is more of what they call a menstrual migraine? (I learned that term not too long ago) I usually get it before, during, or after my period at least once a month. Cold ice pack on the back of my neck, some sparkling water/soda (if you can take caffeine I heard Coca Cola/chocolate combo works too), dried ginger, Tylenol (regular because I can’t take extra strength), and often something spicy.

          1. Thank you, I’ll try those!

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