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Hey there blogging world, I am finally here! After contemplating about it for years, my blogging journey during this pandemic life, and it’s officially taking off! Who’s ready for a crazy ride with me???

So here I am, a daughter, a wife, a mom of two (girl and boy) and a business woman, taking on a new challenge. This blogging journey is to help me share not only about the world around me but the world around you. Making connections and sharing ideas, tips, information, and chit chatting is what I’m striving to do. I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my life where I can invest my thoughts into writing and share the enlightenments.

So where is this journey starting? I’m from sunny California where the sun blinds your eyes and the waves bring out the surfers. Where kids are playing in the splash pads at the park while mothers are busy gathering their kids snacks. Summers are burning and winters are freezing. (Well at least in Californians minds it is)

The beginning of this journey started as we entered the corona virus pandemic life. With everything around us being shut down, and having to me home with two little ones, blogging was my outlet during this crazy times.

Sit back and sit tight for the roller coaster ride of enlightened elisa. Hope you can relate or find the laughter, the tears, the joy, and information shared here helpful.

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