First Storm of season
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The first rain of the season was expected this morning. With the strong winds blowing through the windows, and the drops of rain splattering on the ground, we were all given a rude awaking to the morning. It rained in the morning, followed by some gusty winds, and dry by the afternoon. How do you deal with raining shenanigans?

Backyard Shenanigans

Our neighbors have these HUGE overgrown palm trees with a lot of loose branches hanging, that used to always fall over to our side. Luckily, a few months ago, they finally trimmed them so the big branches don’t fall on to our side as much. But the little branches and the berries from their other trees still continue to fall over. So when it rains or gets windy, our backyard becomes a mayhem with a chaotic mess.

Branches and leaves cover one section of the yard, while the berries tend to cover the other section of the yard. It’s amazing how a yard can be turned upside. Here is a picture of how it looked last year. It was so windy that the branches piled up higher than the dividing walls and filled one side of our backyard.

I Am That Mom

So when it rains, you see all these moms bringing out the rain boots and the umbrellas and have their kids run around and enjoy the rain. They splish and splash through the raindrops and the puddles like it was nothing. Well I’m an old school mom with an old school myth that you get sick in the rain. So what do I do with my kids? I turn the heater up and tell my kiddos to bundle up! I’ve always had the belief that my kids tend to get sick in the colder weather, hence the flu season.

Flu season is normally fall/winter times and that’s when the dramatic weather changes occur. The combination of the rain, wind, and cold weather is not something that I look forward to in the coming weeks so I tend to keep them indoors as possible. Instead they can get some hot cocoa and a movie time. Especially with the Covid-19 in the high rise right now, I can’t take any chances of the kids getting sick.

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