Little one down for nap
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When it comes to nap time, we all know that the struggle is real for both the mom and the child. One wants the other to sleep, while the other refuses to do so. It’s a constant never ending battle. Being in the education field for 17 years, in which many of them involved nap times (even the years I was a director, I went into nap rooms to help) I didn’t struggle as much as I did with my own kids. Here are some tips on how to make nap time transition better.

Sit/Lay Down Next To Them

I know that many people want to show their kids independence and there is nothing wrong with that but for me, I like to either sit or lay down next to my little one during nap time. It gives him somewhat of a comfort knowing that mommy is there for him. He’s not a fan of nap time (who is besides adults 😂) so if I show him that I’m willing to do it with him, it gives him a little more positivity towards it.

Head Massage/Belly Rub

Do you or have you gotten a body massage before? If so, doesn’t it normally give you a relaxation as if you’re about to fall asleep? Well the head massage and a belly rub is a kids version of a massage. When you rub their head and their belly, it gives them a sene of relaxation and helps them fall asleep better.

Favorite Toy/Stuffed Animals

Do your kids have a lovey? A favorite toy or a stuffed animal that they carry around everywhere? That will also help with nap time. My little one doesn’t have a specific one that he carries everywhere, but its whatever his favorite toy is at the moment. These days, it’s been his bucket of little toys that he got for Christmas. He’ll ask us to read one or two of the little books before nap and then he’s able to just hold it while he falls asleep. So if your kid has a favorite item at the moment, have them hold on to it or leave it next to him/her during nap time. It might give them some extra comfort.


Music is a MUST for us for nap time and bedtime as well. Lullabies will help the kids know that its downtime. As soon as the lullabies are on, or they will ask Alexa to turn it on themselves, they know that it’s time to lay down and get your body to rest. Keep in mind that lullabies should be music that helps the relax, which may not be their favorites. Something slow and calming would perfect.

All Else Fails, Go For A Drive

If none of these work, go for a drive. 9 out of 10 times its been working. You might get the looky look neighbors who tend to stare thinking why is that car driving 10mph in a 25mph zone, but that’s okay. I’m trying to get my kid to sleep and driving around the neighborhood with the lullabies on helps him fall asleep. Something about a drive during that mid day after lunch time helps them doze off just a little faster sometimes.

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