The pandemic eating
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So this pandemic has gotten us all in a funk and that funk includes the eating funk. Is it eating time again during the pandemic? Having two kids at home one with virtual learning and one being a toddler, has this mama cooking and cleaning all day everyday. We just had breakfast just to around and say is it time to eat again?

I’m a bit exhausted from cooking and cleaning. Let alone, I need to provide snacks in between. I run out of ideas on what to cook. Preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday is no joke. And boy do these kids eat a lot of snacks when they’re home. I always have to make sure our snack pantry is stocked up.

With our bi-weekly shopping sprees to stock up the food, has turned into weekly routines. They eat things so fast that we have to make double the grocery runs. I love that they eat well and not complaining, but the demands can get a bit exhausting. We eat only to turn around and ask is it time to eat again?

There are days where I just want to stay out of the kitchen all day. I’m sick of opening the refrigerator hoping for something fresh and new. I open the kitchen pantry only to find items that need to be cooked. Surprised? I find myself googling for ideas yet nothing seems to stick out. If it’s something the adults want to eat, the kids don’t want it and sometimes vice versa. Trying to come up with unique and different meals everyday has been a big challenge for this mama. Even choosing what to eat during the pandemic makes it challenging.

I’m not the biggest in take-out and fast food because I treat that more as a treat. Especially with the pandemic shutting down so many restaurants and places, it’s difficult to get out anyways. With this sudden change of routine, I’m sure the kids are dealing with it the best they can. We just have to keep up the supplies for all the demands.

So what’s a mom to do without having to resort to drive thru or get take-out everyday? I’ve heard of those meal prep companies but that’s not really ideal for us nor is it really in our budget to do so. The idea of having food pre set for us and having to just pop it in the oven sounds good, but I need a more realistic preparation within a budget. Utilizing what we have in different ways is the best I can do.

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