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The first Tuesday following Thanksgiving Day is always known as the giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a day of sharing, gifting, or giving something to someone to show that their matter. It’s a day of giving to someone who might or might not be in need of assistance. It’s a day to show appreciating or gratitude by sharing what you have.

Giving can be as simple as gifting, donating, or even sharing something you have that others might not. You can donate to a charity of your choice for instance, to show your love. You can give by gifting to someone who might be alone during these holiday seasons to brighten up their day. For example, the nursery homes or orphanages often don’t get many visitors or get to go to places they want to. A simple letter or a gift sent to them might make their day.

Giving doesn’t always have to monetary or objects based. It can just be something from the heart. A simple letter, a text, a phone call to say you’re thinking of them is a gift within itself. Some people love the sentimental things in life and might appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Sometimes even a simple gesture of gratitude can be shown through a wave hello, a simple hug, or even a high five of encouragements. One gesture of a friend of mine does is she leaves out a basket full of goodies for the delivery service men/women who work daily to deliver packages everywhere. A simple snack and water to grab and go is a wonderful gesture of giving.

What is your way of giving on this giving Tuesday?

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have!” -Jim Rohan

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