Important Items During the Pandemic
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When the pandemic started, the items that never used to be so essential became the most wanted ones. Yet, you had to go hunting down for them because they soon became scarce and people weren’t able to find them. In this post, I will break down the top 5 important items during the covid-19 pandemic and why each one became so necessary.

Hand Soap

Washing hands and hand soap never become more important than during this pandemic life. Although we are always reminded to wash our hands as much as we can, it never dawned on many, how much germs pile up on our hands. The obvious reasons to wash our hands are before and after eating and after using the bathroom.

With the pandemic in full affect, the areas that are being focused have shifted. Door handles, shopping carts, products at stores, car door handles, door knobs, and etc. These are areas that people touch on a daily basis and never think too much about how many OTHERS touch that same surface.

Disinfectant Wipes

Before the pandemic, I never used disinfectant wipes as much. I didn’t see the need for them much since I always carried baby wipes and washed my hands whenever I need it to. Well, pandemic has made me realize that it wasn’t just about my hands and body. It was about the germs that are on surfaces and the things that we touch on a daily basis. Doorknobs, tables, handles, packages, and etc, the list can go on and on. How we didn’t recognize the germs that are piling on from each person’s touch.

Hand Sanitizer

I’ve always had the mini hand sanitizers with me but boy did we find the need for hand sanitizer during this time. Hand sanitizer has become another top 5 pandemic essential item because it was something you needed whenever you went. The shortage of them showed the importance and the necessity of it.

A sanitizer goes with me pretty much every where that doesn’t have water and soap. I have one in the car as well as hanging on my purse. If you go back to my post on Sanitzing, you’ll see a sample of my sanitizer on my purse. It is so affective. All I have to do is just constantly refill it when I’m low and I’m good to go.


Did you know that not all masks are affective in the same way? Depending on the material and the thickness, some masks are not as affective as others. The affectiveness of the masks also depends on how you wear them. So may people have been wearing their masks wrong. Some are only wearing to cover their mouth, leaving their nose open for breathing. What’s the point of wearing a mask if you are going to wear it as a chin diaper and leave your nose to breath in the possible virus air? It’s important that proper covering is made.

Others wear thinly covered covering which doesn’t block out the possible air waves from spreading. One of the most affective ways to check your masks and covering is to put a a little flame/candle in front of your while wearing a mask and do blow test. Try to blow out the candle, and if you can blow it out easily, that means the mask is not AS affective. Your saliva and germs can be easily spread and vice versa. If it takes a little while or difficulty to blow the flame out, then your mask is more affective than others.


Personally I never really used the gloves during the pandemic because I felt like it created more germs, although many people found it to be essential. I normally just wipe everything down or sanitize my hands right away after touching anything. But many find the gloves necessary and important especially during grocery shopping. Pushing the carts or grabbing the products makes the gloves a necessary mean for them, or at least a safer measure.

Pandemic life has taught us so much more about germs and how important it is to keep our selves safer with these essential items. There were times when these items would be out of stock or limited due to the demand but for now it seems to be more readily available than before. Let’s keep ourselves safer and healthier by doing our part.

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  1. This pandemic has given a lot of values to these stuffs and we can’t think of stepping out without these essential items. Thanks for reminding once again!!

  2. Hand sanitizer and masks are for sure what I will now always have in stock!

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