Vacation after the pandemic
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Life flipped upside down for us when this pandemic started almost a year ago. Things were being shut down and travel and gatherings were being limited. What people had planned became shattered dreams. We are all awaiting for this pandemic life to be over and so many things to do after the pandemic. People have shared so many different experiences and many have learned lessons that they never new about before. Countless amount of things we did or didn’t do before this pandemic life were being shared.


Prior to the pandemic, our family would take 2-3 mini weekend vacations a year. My husband can’t take too much time off of work, so we mainly utilize the weekends and Friday/Monday to take mini vacations. I miss being on a vacation where life takes us to a whole new world away from reality. It allows us to distress and take time off to enjoy and have fun. Vacation means no cooking for this mom so it was the best part to enjoy food that someone else cooked. We usually took vacations with family so that also meant help/relief from kids. They would help watch the kids for us sometimes so that we get a little break here and there.

Family And Friends Gatherings

Having to be social distant from our family and friends was one of the toughest things to deal with during the pandemic. Not being able to see them whenever we wanted or to have them over for gatherings was tough. Once all this is over, I’m looking forward to having a big celebration of all the hardship we all went through during these times and just enjoy some grateful moments together. We missed a lot of birthdays and formal celebrations, which are overdue as well.

More Kids Activities

Prior to the pandemic I had some bad health issues. (I’m still dealing with them but with improvements) It limited us from going to places, especially for the kids. Our time away from home would be limited depending on how my body was handling the activity. With the improvements I’ve had since the pandemic, I can’t wait to take the kids out to more activities. My daughter started making a bucket list of things to do after the pandemic is over and we can’t wait to check them off.

Enjoy Mom’s Cooking

When the pandemic hit, I struggled in the beginning because my support system was gone. I would go to my moms house everyday with my little one while big sister was at school. I would enjoy my mom’s cooking and catch a little break here and there when my parents would help watch him. My parents drop of some of their cooking here and there but its different. Enjoying my mom’s food when its first made was one of the best parts of my day and I dearly miss that. I can’t wait to embark on that once again.

Kids Play-Dates

My kids have been missing all their friends because we’ve pretty much been social distancing from all our friends and their friends. They miss seeing their friends and having play dates. The adults and the kids had monthly gatherings prior to the pandemic, and we can’t wait to get back to that routine.

My daughter especially missed her school and friends because the pandemic occurred right as she was half way through kindergarten at a new school. Not all her preschool friends went to the same school so she made some new friends in kindergarten, which was short lived by the switch to the distance learning. We are hoping to have more play dates for her and my little one as well, so that they can get their social lives back.

The list can go on and on for things that we would love to do after this pandemic is over. Everyone’s list may be different but I think we all want to be out and enjoy the life we used to have prior to this experience.

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  1. Great post! I love the play date suggestion! We recently started having play day dates. The kids have really enjoyed them and I have greatly appreciated being able to socialize with fellow moms!

  2. Ohh!! I am eagerly waiting to do all the activities in your list, but sad it is not getting over. let’s hope someday it will over and the first thing I will do after the pandemic is plan a vacation.

  3. These are some great ideas!

  4. Amazing ideas. We’re starting to get back to ‘normal’ here!

  5. We have been in some form of lockdown since March 2020, but restrictions have eased a lot now and getting out seems to be more “normal”. So excited to go on vacation this December! Great read.

  6. Great post. We had to postpone our vacation in Italy. Can wait for it all to be over.

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