Kids Favorite Snacks and Treats
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With the kids being home 24/7 with the pandemic, it was obvious that the pandemic eating would get crazy. I don’t know how it is in your household, but the kids here have been wanting to snack so much more. The 10 super simple snacks that kids will love has been our go to snacks. I guess if you’re home all the time, what else is there to do but munch on snack right? Some snacks are healthier than others but I’m okay to do a little mixing and matching.

1. Apples

My kids aren’t the greatest fans of vegetables but they sure are awesome fans of fruits. So apples are one of the must items we have to have for snack. Sometimes they eat the plain slices and other times, we add some peanut butter to the slices as well.

Red apples for snack

2. Pretzels

When I was a child, I used to think why would anyone like pretzels as snacks? What was so good about these salty crackers? And now I offer it to my kids and my kids absolutely love it, and so do I.


3. String Cheese

This one is a hit or miss. Sometimes they love it and sometimes they hate it. There will be weeks where we run out of string cheese, and there will be weeks where it expires because they won’t eat it.

4. Yogurt

The kids love yogurt, especially activia ones. The activia ones are a perfect size for each of them. They will each finish one faster than mommy or daddy can.

5. Applesauce

We always make sure to be stocked up on applesauce. The gogo pouches are the kids favorites.

6. Cereal

Cereal has become more of a snack then a breakfast in our house. When I offer cereal to the kids as a breakfast, it will get denied 9 out of 10 times. But when I randomly offer cereal as a snack, both kids will jump for it, whether it is with or without milk.

7. Nuts/Almonds

I am very careful when it comes to peanuts but we like to keep them around with precautions. We love almonds so we have mixed nuts snacks. I take extra caution with my little one. I don’t give him peanuts but I’ll watch him chew on almonds sometimes.

8. Granola Bar

We like to have handy snack either on the go or just to have some added proteins. A Granola bar or a chewy bar of any sort to help kids get some added nutrition in.

9. Ice Cream

Ice cream is a snack that the kids can have on a seldom occasion. It’s not a daily snack, but a special treat. It also varies on the weather as well.

10. Cookies/Chips

I know these aren’t the healthiest of the snacks but we let them have it sometimes, either with a sandwich or otherwise. My husbands bakes the cookies the kids love, so its one of their favorites.

These are the top 10 snacks for kids in our house but aren’t limited to only these. There are other fruits and veggies substitutes as well as other snack options as well. I have som picky eaters so sometimes I’d rather have them eat some snacks that might not be the healthiest option but include healthy options along with it.

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