Pandemic eating at its best
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Lunch menu varies in our house based on what they had for breakfast and what they will be eating for dinner. Depending on those factors, along with what they would prefer eating that specific day, determines their lunch. Sometimes they’ll have choices, and sometimes, its mommy’s choice or nothing. I’ve compiled our top 10 lunch menu items that the kids enjoy. Did any of yours make it on our list?

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwich can be a hit or miss. My daughter loves them and could eat them endlessly while my son on the other one could eat it one day and hate it the next.

Korean Corn Dog/Hot Dog On A Stick

These are a huge hit in our house. We bought these Korean corn dogs at a restaurant and fell in love with them. A week or so after, we found them in the frozen sections of our local Korea market and its been in our fridge since.

Black Bean Noodle

This is one dish my husband gets confused on. It’s a Korean/Chinese fusion dish made of black bean paste. The kids will eat this any day and any time of the day. It’s a bit strange to non Koreans because it’s a black colored noodles and can be heavily messy. It’s one of those foods that may look weird but tastes really good.

Rice And Soup

Given that I’m Asian, soup and rice are a common dish for any meal of the day. I can give it to them as breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and they wouldn’t complain at all. It’s our go to meal, especially during the cold winter season, or a cold weather day.

Tuna Sandwich

Tuna Sandiwch is a hit or a miss. The kids will ask for it one day and the next week, they will hate it. I have it as one of my standby lunch menus.


When I was pregnant with both kids, I used to eat noodles/past (especially ramen) and the kids must have inherited the noodle love from me. Anything pasta/noodle, they will enjoy all the time.


Regular quesadilla or a chicken quesadilla is a rare but a added lunch menu choice fo the kids.


My youngest has a crazy love for salmon but not so much for my older one. The older one will eat it occasionally but not all the time. I broil the salmon on a toaster/air fryer oven and we eat it with rice or add it to a noodle dish.

Macaroni And Cheese

This is something my husband introduce to me and the kids. I was and still not a huge fan of Mac and cheese. But my husband and the kids on the other hand absolutely love it. I’ll add a little meat to it sometimes as well.


We haven’t been having a lot of leftovers recently because the kids have been eating a lot more recently. I’m not sure if its the pandemic life of being home all the time or not, but my eldest has picked up a huge appetite recently. So if there is any leftovers left, we will turn to them as well.

These are the 10 simple lunch ideas for kids to eat that we’ve been having at home during the pandemic. The lunch menu may vary depending on the weekdays and weekends as well. It’s not the best of a menu but its what works for our family and the kids love them. Added to the menu will be a fruit or a veggie that they request, or sometimes what we have in the fridge.

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