Sharing good manners with kids
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When It comes to manners to teach your kids, I’m a huge advocate for it. Showing respect for yourself and for others are a huge factor in children’s growth as well. So as a great reminder, here are top 10 forgotten manners to teach your kids.

Saying Please

It is always polite to say please whenever you need anything or need help. You are asking for.assistance or a favor of some sort, so it its wise to request in a nice manner.

Thank You

The words thank you shows your gratitude for something that was done or given to you. Whenever a nice gesture is done to you, it is a good manner to say thank you to show your appreciation.

You’re Welcome

Whenever there is a thank you, there should be a you’re welcome. That phrase is in a way recognizing that the person who show gratitude is replied back with the similar intentions.

Bless You

Blessing someone usually comes when they sneeze. When a person sneezes, its a kinds gesture to say bless you. Some will say “God Bless You,” as it came from a religious phrase, but often it’s shortened to say “Bless you.”

Being Kind

Teaching children kindness is a HUGe manner. With so much hatred in the world nowadays, teaching your children to be kind and generous is so important. Kindness is contagious, therefore should be spread amongs everyone.

Keeping Your Hands To Yourself

Keeping your hands to yourself mainly is a reminder to not hit. It can also relate to not taking something that doesn’t belong to you as well. If hands are remained to yourself, there’s no need to touch others or others’ things.

Say Excuse Me

There are many reasons of using the phrase “Excuse Me.” If you need to get by someone or if you burped after you eat. Other reasons can be when you are trying to get someon’e attention. Instead of yelling out “HEY YOU,” the best phrase would be to say excuse me.

Cover Your Mouth When You Sneeze

We often teach our children to make sure to cover our mouth when we sneeze. Now we also need to remind them to not sneeze directly into our hands, especially during these pandemic times. The common gesture is sneeze into your arms or shoulders, closest to you. This can lessen the spread of the germs.

Chew With Your Mouth Closed

Who wants to see the food in other people’s mouth? Not me! Teaching children at a young age to chew with their outs closed will help them maintain the same manner away from home as well. No one really wants to see all the chewed up food in people’s mouth, so it’s a great manner to keep the mouth closed while chewing.

Saying Hello And Goodbye

With so much going on in the world, we often neglect the polite gestures. In order to earn respect, mutual respect needs to be shown. So sharing these top 10 forgotten manners to teach your kids is a great way to start showing awareness.

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  1. It’s so important to teach good manners to our kids. The sneeze into your arm is the one I wish more parents would teach. I am an educator at a preschool and have learnt to duck and cover whenever I see a sneeze coming directly at me. Unfortunately, I am not always successful!

  2. Teaching our kids manners is much more important because it shows how well the parents were educated. The first thing I always start with is “please,” when asking for help or something, “thanks” when someone gives them something, and “no thanks” when denying something they are being offered.

  3. Basic but important attributes for kids to be aware of. Thank you for the article.

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