50 ways to a happy life
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Life brings out so many challenges and obstacles during its journey. There are things that can make it just a bit happier, because why not? Who doesn’t want to know the 50 ways to be happier In life?

1. Smile when you can

2. Make someone happy

3. One positive affirmation everyday

4. Self-care for yourself

5. Taking breaks when needed

6. Be kind to yourself and others

7. Enjoy Family Time

8. Learn to forgive others

9. Stop comparing yourself to others

10. Learn to give

11. Vitamin C

12. Think positive

13. Make time for yourself

14. Accept the things you can’t control

15. Spend time with your kids

16. Learn from your mistakes

17. Eat what you want to eat

18. Love Yourself

19. Let things go

20. Say I Love you

21. Laugh often

22. Watch comedy

23. Go out with friends

24. Get enough Vitamin D (sunlight)

25. Have a thankful heart

26. Keep a journal/diary

27. Find a balance between your work and home life

28. Learn to give

29. Be you

30. Don’t make comparisons

31. Stop the worrying

32. Surround yourself with happy people

33. Live in the moment

34. Don’t dwell in the past

35. Know that nothing can be perfect

36. Focus on what works

37. Positive Mindset

38. Be happy with small victories

39. Be thankful and grateful

40. Exercise

41. Eat a balanced meal

42. Explore the nature

43. Reflect

44. Don’t hold grudges

45. Dream Big

46. Make time to just play

47. Live a purpose driven life

48. Take a walk

49. Bring music into life

50. Spend less time on devices

Are these 50 ways to be happier in life for everyone tips helpful for you? Are these things that you currently do or will be doing? It’s a great way to help you boost your serotonin and create a happier mood.

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  1. I truly believe just smiling can make you happier.

  2. These are great ways and really easy to implement each day.

  3. I have learned how important it is to forget. I have been happier and more peaceful since then.

  4. I love that you said learn to give. I always feel better when Im giving something to someone who is in need. Great read thanks

    1. enlightenedelisa1

      It’s just a great feeling when you give

  5. Thanks for sharing.I have made a note of all these thoughts.I will stick them on a wall in my home.

    1. enlightenedelisa1

      Aww glad to hear!

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