how to tell She is burnout
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Do you feel like you’re rundown and out of energy? Do you feel like you can’t push yourself through a daily task? Every mom goes through what is called a burnout, which is beyond being stressed. It is a point of exhaustion. Following compilations are some ways on How to better understand the dreadful motherhood burnout from simply being stressed. These ideas are symptoms seen from new moms, old moms, working moms, stay at home moms, and women who are going through motherhood.

Motherhood burnout is at a point where you are exhausted beyond your own measures, and are facing difficulties taking on daily tasks for your self, family, and surrounding activists. It’s when you’ve reached a max state in your life of trying to do everything for everyone and have burnout in exhaustion. The following shows some common ways on how to tell Motherhood burnout.

Feeling of Exhaustion Or Lack of Energy

Everyone gets exhausted somehow or another, but motherhood burnt out is so much more than that. Being a mom has more than a task of taking care of your kids. It’s being an all around person. Having to take care of the family, the kids, the daily tasks and chores that come with it can create a health hazard that you might not even be aware of.

Resentment Towards Everyone Or Everything

Especially for the new moms, you start feeling a resentment towards anything or anyone mainly because your are too exhausted and not getting the necessary rest and help you need. Instead of asking for helping and seeking assistance, you may develop a feeling of anger and resentment towards people or your surroundings. No one can help you unless you ask for help, but you might not even know how to ask for help when you’ve reached that point.

Problems Sleeping At Night

You may also start to develop problems sleeping at night because your body is in a haywire stage. The body acts in so many different ways. You would think that because you are so exhausted that your body would let you go to sleep as soon as you lay down. But that’s not always the case. Because your body is so tired, it’s affecting your mental health. Exhaustion can lead to changes in your mental stages and prevent you from maintaining a good sleeping habit. When there is a change in your mental state, your mind is so busy and constantly thinking. It doesn’t know how to take breaks when needed.

Feeling Hopeless

Sometimes when you’ve done so much to a point where your exhaustion overtakes you, you might start to feel hopeless. When you feel like you don’t see the end or any changes to this lifestyle, you feel like you’re going no where. The end has no end and the hope for a better lifestyle starts fading. It’s a very common feeling when a mother is burnt out.

Lack Of Interest In People Or Things

Your social life or even your surroundings can start being a nuisance. You don’t want to engage with people and want to be left alone. Things that you used to love to do or see have become pushed aside and no longer a priority in your life. It feels like an emotions of laziness but your body is telling you that you’ve surpassed the resting point.

Developing Anxiety Or Irritability

Anxiety and/or irritability can be developed from all the worries of not being able to accomplish everything you want to or think you have to. You start realizing that not everything can be done in one day and star developing worries and fear. You may develop worries about things that might not have happened yet either. Irritability and short temper can also be visible when things don’t go the way expected.

Lack Of Appetite

Your appetite may also go through changes. You feel like you are too tired to eat or get lazy in preparing a meal. Sometimes its easier to just skip a meal or snack on some junk food to fulfill your stomachs needs. Sometimes you get so busy preparing meals for your loved ones, but then become too exhausted to feed yourself.

So after looking at some common ways to tell motherhood burnout, do you feel like you might be going through the same thing? If you ever feel like these are some symptoms, don’t forget to ask your loved one for support. Don’t be scared to ask for help. No one will know unless you tell them. After reading all these, if you need some suggestions on what to do, read How To Beat Motherhood Burnout.

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  1. […] It has been brought down from generation after generation that keeping the house cleaned was a women/mother’s job. It was more of an expected thing back in the days. When women were staying home and being the homemakers in the olden days, it was defined as their “job” to maintain the house to be cleaned. While men were at work working, women were home cooking and cleaning. Well we are in 2021 and that is not how things work around here. Keeping a house cleaned and cooking is NOT a women/mother’s JOB. It is something we do as “part” of our motherhood roles but housekeeping does not define motherhood. If that was the case, we would end up burnout as in my article How To Tell Motherhood Burnout. […]

  2. Yes, many of these signs are felt by many mothers. It takes a village and especially recently during Covid it has been hard without that village to lean on

  3. I think all mothers can relate to this at times. I had a very difficult summer and definitely felt some burnout.

  4. This describes so much of what I’m feeling. I’m proud of myself for starting therapy and getting help!

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