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Summer/summer vacation has started and the first thought that comes to mind is what am I doing with them? I know some kids will be attending summer camps while others are enjoying time at home. Not everyone might be financially capable of sending their kids to summer camps, and with delta virus going viral, it’s also a scare. So I’ve compiled a few list of summer activities to do at home while being covid safe.

Pool Time

Whether you have a big back yard or a small one, it’s alway fun to have some water play. Depending on the size of your yard, you have a choice of any of these that come in handy. These are so fun for the kids if you don’t have a big pool in your backyard. Also, if you don’t have a backyard, you can always put it in your front yard as well.

Water Balloon

Water balloon fights have become a tradition for us. Although half the time the kids end up being upset because they only want to throw and not get thrown at. It’s the fun of filling them up and making a big pile of them to throw.

Movie Nights

We like to have movie nights, especially when a new movie comes out. WIth the pandemic, we haven’t been to the movie theater so we bring it to the house. We get popcorn, get in our cozy recliners and set the mood for a great family movie night.

Scavenger Hunt Clean Up

This one is a dandy one I’ve done with my kids and it’s a win win situation for the mom and the kids. We play the traditional scavenger hunt game with a twist to it. I asked the kids to go find an item. The twist of the game is that they have to return it back to where the item belongs, not where they found it. Imagine how much the house can be cleaned with a fun game like this? You designate an item to be found and tell them to return it to where they belong. The house will be cleaned in no time. Okay, maybe not cleaned as a whole, but somewhat is better than nothing. The kids have fun and I have to put away less things in the house. I think that’s a win in my books!

Obstacle Course

My children love creating little obstacle courses in the house. Whether it’s creating a hop, jump, skip kind of an obstacle or a Simon Says kind of an obstacle. Because the family like watching America’s Got Talent, they like creating challenging events for themselves.

Talent Show

Going along from the America’s Got Talent, our kids love putting on a show. It’s one of the summer activities to do at home that requires less actions from the parents (hehe!). They love to pretend that they are the contestants of America Got Talent and mom and dad are the judges. Sometimes they will tell us which of the 4 judges we’re representing as well. It’s creates a great family night environment as we get surprised on what they Weill present to us.

Creative Art Activities

Art is always a plus in our house. My kids love drawing, painting, coloring (well not so much the little one), and more. Sometimes we make puppets or 3D art creations as well. It all depends on what they feel like making that particular day. Incorporation shaving cream with food coloring also works well too. My little one used to play cars with it as well.

Take a look at some of these other articles Encourage Reading or outdoor activities These can be incorporated during the summer times as well. Kids need to stay active and what better ways to do then indoor and outdoor engagements.

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