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Have you ever taken an adventure to the journey to the zoo? Are your kids in love with safari animals as much as mine? If so, come along on this journey to the zoo with us as we explore a glimpse of the zoo through our eyes. Be on a look out for various animals.

How The Journey To The Zoo Began

Weekend adventure started with running errands and buying the necessary items for the following week. After lunch, the family was contemplating on what we should do. After a discussion and a few phone calls, we found out a small local zoo had opened up. When I called to see how the crowd was and if there was a line (lines have been everywhere since the pandemic and social distancing life).

The nice girl on the other end of the phone said that there was no line and that it would be perfect time for us to come. The zoo had a bit of a crowd inside but not as busy as it was in the morning. So what do we do? We pack up what we can, get in the car, and head out for a an adventure journey to the zoo.

The Journey To The Zoo Begins

So the adventure journey to the zoo began as we arrived to a lot of people leaving, which meant less crowd. It was great for us. So we entered and started our way around. We weren’t lucky enough to take photos of all the animals but some the ones we got are the following:

Bald Eagle
Turkey and Chicken

Activities To Accommodate The Trip

After the zoo trip, they had a little gift shop where we were able to get a year membership (the day’s admission was added into the membership fee). Obviously the kids wanted to choose one item of choice to keep their zoo memory alive. Since the membership had a huge discount that day, we told each kid they can pick one item under a certain price.

My daughter picked this Melissa & Doug Butterfly and Heart Stamp set. She hasn’t had a stamp set since she was little, but she loved the prints on it.

My son on the other had chose this Melissa & Doug African Plains Jigsaw Puzzle. He’s been into puzzles these days so it was a perfect for him.

My son also had this Safari Animals Figurine from his birthday earlier this month so it turned out to be a perfect match for everything.

If you’re ever in need of ideas on what to do with the kids, taking a trip to the zoo is an awesome activity. Not only does it involve physical activities, but it’s a great learning experience about various animals.

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