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We often forget that moms are humans and that not everything can go expected. There are more than 20 circumstances when moms should never apologize for and I’m here to share some with you.

  1. Piled Up Laundry – Laundry is actually a big “load” of work. Some days/weeks, it piles up and some days/week, it’s done on time.
  2. Messy House – There will be days when the house is messy and it’s okay to leave it like that. Of course the best thing to do is get your kids to clean it up except if you have babies. Apologize when you need to.
  3. Not having dinner ready on time – Dinner time varies often. Trying to stick to dinner time on the dot may create a lot more stress than you think. Give yourself a time frame when dinner will be. If you need to do take-out sometimes, do it. Instead of having to apologize for late dinner, let the kids know in advance.
  4. Not being perfect – There is no such thing as a perfect mom. There’s a mom makes an effort to get everything done, but perfect is not a word that should be used with motherhood. It’s unexpected expectation that can lead to frustrations, that doesn’t require you to apologize.
  5. For not breastfeeding – No mom should have to apologize for not being able to breastfeed. Anyone that says breast fed is the best fed is not right. Not all moms are ABLE or cut out to breastfeed. It is up to the mom’s choice to make the best decision for her and the baby that works for them.
  6. For thinking of yourself first – Sometimes, moms have to think of ourselves first for our sanity. Self-care is a must. Happy moms, lead to happy family. Don’t apologize for that.
  7. Giving kids screen time – This can vary depending on each person but I think we’ve all come to senses that screen-time is helpful at times. I mean limited screen time for learning or even just a break between you and the child can be beneficial for both.
  8. For Working – Those that work from home, like me, should not feel guilty for working. At least you can be present with them, not fully but presence wise. Those that work outside of the home, is working for financial or personal reasons. There’s nothing to apologize for.
  9. Being tired – Tired comes with motherhood and there is absolute no reason to feel bad. It’s part of our journey that our body endures from the day we get pregnant and onward.
  10. Not buying the kids everything – Buying the necessities is a given. Anything else is a special treat that comes with each situation. They don’t need to be bought everything.
  11. When your child does not want to give hugs – Hugs are a choice and it should never be forced upon kids. You can ask for a hug, but its okay for a child to refuse. There’s no reason to feel bad about that.
  12. Dishes in the sink – Dishes are part of the daily life. Depending on each person, dishes are done differently. Some people like to wash things right away, even if there’s one piece of fork in there, while others like to wait until there’s more. Nothing wrong with either.
  13. Being Yourself – Why does anyone, including moms, have to apologize for being yourself.
  14. Parenting decisions you make – Parenting decision is a tough one. But you must always think that the decision was made based on the best interest of everyone.
  15. When life happens– Life will throw curve balls ALL the time, and you just have to learn to go with the flow. Make the most of what life gives you.
  16. When your sick – Being sick is part of life. No matter how much you take care of your body, sometimes, you will have sick days.
  17. Getting Upset – Everyone has emotions and moms do too. Expressing that you’re upset shouldn’t have to make you feel bad.
  18. Grieving – Grieving a loss or a tragic moment is part of life that is a bit touchy at times. Showing tears to your kids shows that moms are not perfect and I think it’s perfectly okay.
  19. Treating yourself to something – For me, I treat myself with a special something if I’ve accomplished something tough tasks, or if it’s been a rough week/month. A girl’s got to have something to look forward to right?
  20. Still LearningMotherhood will a learning journey forever. No matter how much you think you know it, there will be room for growth so don’t ever apologize.

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