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Being in the early childhood education for 17+ years, I’ve gone through my share of children’s book. Reading is such an important component of children’s daily lives. Having stories to read or to be read to are detrimental in early children’s learning. I’ve compiled some of my favorite children’s books of all time that you might enjoy as well. Feel free to comment with your favorite either from my list or from your own favorites.

  1. Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? This book is one of my ultimate favorites because not only does it show the different animals, but it shows you repetition and a prediction capability for children to engage in. (If you’ve gone through the book like a million times like my little one did, he has it pretty much memorized by now) It enhances children’s ability to memorize after awhile. It also comes with other animal features so here are some of them:

2. Next from my favorite children’s books collections are Eric Carle Books. Eric Carle is a well-known author for children’s book and has some awesome books for children to engage in. HIs books not only have the reader engaged during the whole story, but it also has wonderful illustrations that the kids enjoy. The following are some of my favorite Eric Carle Books:

3. The following two books were very popular among the parents who needed some good bedtime stories to read to their children. It was also adored by the children as well.

4. How about books that focus on the alphabet or numbers. These help children enhance their letter and number acknowledgment and how to correlate them to certain objects.

5. These are some of the colors and shapes books that can help children with their development as well. It’s a great way to enhance their knowledge in coutnign and

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  1. These are great selections. I’ve been looking for some new books to add to our collection, so it’s nice that you’ve included a description

    1. Hope you were able to add some to your collections

  2. So many good choices. The Giving Tree was always one of my favorites that I now read to my kids.

    1. That’s a really good one too!

  3. My kids are obsessed with Eric Carle books right now! They are our fav.

    1. So is my little one! He makes me re-read so many of them.

  4. These are all great books! We have every one of them!

    1. Oh that’s awesome to hear!

  5. These are great books. My daughter needs new books.

    1. They are! Hope you were able to find some that she liked!

  6. I am familiar with so many of these. I love your picks! This really takes me back to all those days of reading with my kids.

    1. Thank You! These are just the tops ones on my list.

  7. I Love You Forever always gets me to tear up but I do love that book!

    1. It’s such an awesome book with so much emotions to it.

  8. agree with this list.. they are among my favorites too!!

    1. Glad to hear that some of them made your list!

    2. Glad to know we shared some favorites.

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