Shaving Cream

When you think of shaving cream, what is the first thing that comes to mind? As a woman, maybe having to shave your legs and as a man, maybe having to shave your beard/mustache? But as an educator, what comes to my mind is a field of exploring, imagining, learning, playing, and engaging. You say “HUH!” Yes, shaving cream is an activity I used to implement in my classes, and now I apply it to my own kids learning as well. Here’s how:

  1. Shaving Cream with Cars: One of the best ways to implement shaving cream was using small transportation vehicles with it. Shaving cream is first spread on a large table (preferably a long one but not required). The child can use their hands to spread the shaving cream on the table however they want. Allow them to explore with them for a few minutes. Then bring in the small vehicles and allow them to implement them however they want to. They can create a path for the vehicles or just drive them over. Give the freedom of choice to the child and see where it takes them. So how is shaving cream a learning experience you say? They learn cognitive skills utilizing imagination and thinking strategies on how to implement the two items to interact. They utilize their senses of sight, touch, and smell, while exploring the textures and smell of the shaving cream. Math can be included by counting the vehicles, the number of paths/roads they may or may not create. The main thing to keep in mind is that adult supervision is required at all times for younger kids.
  2. Shaving Cream with Food Coloring: Oh lets bring on the colors! For this, I utilize a large plastic bowl and a spoon. (You can use the table as in the previous project, but when the colors are added, it tends to get a bit overwhelming) Spread some shaving cream into a large bowl. Have the child pick out a few of their favorite colors from the food colors options. If limited on the colors, then use what is available. Pour a food drops of each color one at a time. After the first color is used, have the child use the spoon to stir, spread, and explore. Ask the child to identify the first color and/or teach the child the color. Continue with the other colors as well. During the color mixing, allow the child to notice the colors mixing and possible making predictions. This project brings out the ability to make predictions, color recognitions, and fine motor skills,
  3. Shaving Cream with Cookie Cutters: (plastic cookie cutters or play-doh toys would work the best). This project would be best on a table, not necessarily long. Spread the shaving cream on a table and have the children utilize the cookie cutters to create and mold the shape. Have the children identify the given shapes/figures, possible include colors and counting, and all the other learning abilities with shaving cream mentioned in the above projects.

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