Top Breakfast Ideas
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Do you struggle to figure out what to make for breakfast? Do you have picky eaters like I do? Well trying to please two different eaters has been a struggle at times. Having to make two different meals to accommodate them are a must sometimes. So the 5 simple ways to breakfast at home are the popular go to meals. Does it relate to yours?

Waffle And Peanut Butter

Waffle and peanuts has become one of our go to breakfast items recently. My son has become obsessed with this new meal. My kids are peanut butter lovers and adding it to a waffle was a great mix. I toast the waffle on a pan instead of on a toaster to give it a little different texture. When you grill it on the pan, it gives a more gentler texture than a crispy toasted ones.


Eggs have become a must in our house. It is one of our must have top 5 breakfast ideas at home. It is included in most of our breakfast meals. The kids enjoy their eggs in various ways but mostly hard boiled, scrambled, or just simply fried. This little handy egg slicer tool also helps us make little shapes for the kids which they enjoy very much as well too.

Bagel And Cream Cheese

Our family loves cream cheese, and the cheese bagel from costco. With just the right amount of toasted texture and the cream cheese on it, it makes it to our top 5 breakfast ideas as well. We always used to toast our bagels in our toaster oven but do you want to know a little secret? Did you know that yo can toast a bagel on a pan? YES! Try toasting a bagel on a pan. Sprinkle some olive oil onto the pan and with a light to medium heat, flip the bagels a few times and BAM! There you have a toasted bagel. We things it even tastes better than from the toaster oven.


I’m not a fan of omelettes simply because I just don’t like making them. Does that even make sense? I love them but I just hate making them. Good thing my husband makes one of the best omelettes, given that he has all the ingredient that he needs. Therefore our omelette days are normally Saturdays but he’ll make them occasionally during the week as well. This is a sample of his yummy omelettes filled with veggies.

Cereal And Yogurt

Cereal has been a hit or miss in our house. We used to have it as breakfast and then it turned into an after dinner snack. Now we brought it back to the morning for some breakfast change up, so we’ll see how that goes. It also depends on the type of cereal we get. If we get the sugar bombarded cereals, the kids obviously would embark on it so much. But we try to get a little more nutritious sided ones so it varies.

Whatever you decide to eat for breakfast, just make sure it’s a protein filled healthy breakfast. You want to start off your day with a healthy meal to keep you going for the rest of the day. Make breakfast be your biggest meal of the day. There’s an old saying that goes like this: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. You don’t want to go to bed with a full stomach because then it can lead to upset stomach and a whole lot of other things. It’s best to keep meals simple.

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  1. I love waffles! We recently got a waffle maker and now I make them for breakfast almost every mornin!

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