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Amazon has become one of the go to stores for many people, especially for me. The world was taken over by the pandemic a little over a year ago and shopping was limited. When you have the items delivered to your home, it is convenient. So I wanted to share with you my favorite amazon home gadgets that you might also love as well.

  1. Super Soft Silicone Face Cleanser A silicone cleanser is something that I use and got my husband to use as well. It’s a great way to scrub off all the dirt and grease off your face. I just add a small amount of facial cleanser, and just scrub all over my face. It’s refreshing and gives it a soft exfoliation feel to it.

2. IDesign Gia Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Organizer Basket – When you’re in the kitchen as much as I am, you want the sink to be as organized as possible. One way to keep the sponge off of the sink area is to utilize this little basket. It sticks to the sides of the stainless steel sinks and fits the regular size sponges.

3. Capresso H20 Water Kettle One of my favorite amazon gadgets is this water kettle that I’ve had for who knows how many years. I’ve had it with my two children and the years prior to them as well. It heats up water so fast and is convenient. I make sure it’s kept away from the kids since it’s glass. The silver part does create a calcium build up, just like any other water kettle system. An easy way to remove that is to pour a little vinegar in for a few hours and voila! This is definitely one of my favorite amazon home gadgets.

4. Jerry Box 360 Rotation Makeup Organizer – My vanity mirror area used to always be cluttered with all my make-up, skincare, brushes, and etc everywhere. I put t but by the time I was done getting ready, it would be out all over. That’s when this tool came into place! It fits so may pieces in one organizer. I love the fact that you don’t have to scrummage through a bag or a drawer to find anything. This spinning system allows you to rotate from each slot to find your desired items.

5. Smart Plug – Are your kids scared to go into the rooms from a the hallway because the lights are off? Well have no fear because with these smart plugs, you can ask Alexa to turn the lights on way before you even enter the rooms. It’s easily accessible from various locations.

6. Reusable Boba Cup with Lids Are you a boba lover like our family? Then this little tool will come in handy for you and the the family. The latest trend is making boba at home, so this would be a perfect fit for that.

7. Lazy Cottage Portable Double Straw 2 in 1 Drink cup Do you have kids that constantly fight to drink out of the same cup, even if they have their own? Well this 2 in 1 drink cup would solve that problem real fast. It has two straws and two divided sections where you can either put the same drinks or different drinks to your desire.

8. Meat Thermometer – A small but a useful gadget for meat eating family like ours. My husband can’t go a day without meat, (literally) so having a small thermometer like this is great. It helps us maintain the meat at the required temperatures.

9. Touch less Thermometer We bought this tool right when the pandemic started and we use it often to help us keep monitoring our temperatures. Anytime anyone feels sick or warm, we are constantly checking temperatures.

10. Clever Food Chopper How clever is this food chopper? Who needs a knife or a slicer when you have a scissor that can do both for you at once. It’s a 2 in 1 tool that is useful in all kitchen areas.

11. Joseph Joseph Kitchen Drawers My kitchen drawer used to have items coming out of the slots. There were spoons and forks all over the drawer which would make me have to constantly re-wash them. This fixed the problem easily. It fit all my necessary silverwares in one organizer and had enough room for miscellaneous items as well.

12. Small Spray Bottle – Have you seen this Small spray bottle that comes in handy, especially during this pandemic times. It’s handy to carry around some air freshener or sanitizing liquid in there for daily use.

Amazon has been the go to shopping place for so many people. It’s great to share some ways to help organize your home by using some of my favorite amazon home gadgets.

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