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So winter break was here and now it’s gone. And what have we done to keep ourselves busy? They get their TV times in the morning and then it’s onto the activities. Little brother was happy to have his big sister to play with all day. They played and argued but for the most part, they worked it out together. Following some of the activities that they did throughout the break. I’ve followed some of them with my amazon purchases so feel free to use my links. Here is a simple glimpse of winter break shenanigans that our family experienced.

Tangram Fun for sister and brother. They enjoy using the preset patterns boards to match. Big sister used to play with this more, but now little brother enjoys it more.

Cookie decorating (Why go out and buy extra cookies when you can use graham crackers!). It gets messy but they love the frosting and sprinkles. Who doesn’t right?

Sister showing brother how to play a game on an iPad! I love it when big sister teaches him how to do things because it allows him to learn to follow and look up to her.

Art time with the kiddos! Guess who drew which one? We enjoy doing art times because not only does it allow everyone to focus, but it allows them to express their own views.
Reading time with brother’s favorite book. This book has become one of brother’s favorite books since he makes me read it at least one time a day.

Reusable sticker pads. I purchased one of these for them and ended up buying a few more varieties. They enjoy being able to create their own scenery. It’s a must have item.
Magnetic Tiles were gifted to us for Christmas and the kids adore it. Big sister used to have these in her preschool class and she loved them.
A rare outing we had since the stay at home order has been keeping us home most of the time.
They love their outdoors time. Riding bikes, scooters, chalk art, jump ropes, and many more activists to enjoy, while soaking up the sun.

These were some of the highlights of the winter break. I’m glad it’s coming to an end because big sister gets to go back to school (although it’s only through zoom) it allows her to have some socializing with her peers. How did you keep your little ones busy during winter break?

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