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As a child growing up, you always look forward to special days, occasions, birthdays, or parties that require gifts or gift exchanges. Discovering that one special gift as a young or older child is a fun time for all. The joy and thrill you get in opening the wrapped gifts is priceless. Being able to have that one popular toy/item that everyone has, or getting a special gift that no one has is a feeling of satisfaction.

As an adult, having to go to multiple stores during Christmas or holiday seasons is a challenge in itself. Having to shop for my kids, my niece/nephew, and friend’s kids through the crowd at multiple locations for something that each kid liked was a pure nightmare. Obviously you want to find something that they might like or even a unique special gift or one of a kind item as well. Searching through the mayhem of holiday shopping was something that seemed such a blur now.

Wicked Uncle provides the experience for kids of all age groups. It’s a one stop shop that provides various toys/manipulative for children from few months to to middle school age groups as well. The variety of items that are available for children are beyond what you think. What’s also awesome about the website is that you can even choose specific gender related toys as well too. When you get onto the site, it shows the option for you to pick gender and age groups, especially if you are looking for specifics.

One of the pickiest age groups to shop for are girls around the age of 12. They are in between the kid and teen years, and are often difficult to shop for. Since you can specify a targeted age group and gender on the site, it makes shopping so much for easier as well.

Pictured above are three of my favorites from the site for 12 year old girls. It’s not only versatile but shows interest in fashion and beauty that girls this age group are mostly interested in. I don’t have to think what the age group would like since it gives me ideas and suggestions on there.

What’s also cool is that kids can browse through the site and find items that they love as well. Its very easy and a kid friendly site that provides browsing to be a fun experience. They can just click on the gender and age preferences to narrow down the options, or even just browse through general categories to see items from various groups. The site has so much choices to choose from that it will definitely keep the kids busy too.

Having various age group children in my family, it’s hard to find that one place to shop for them all. Going to different stores for each child is not only time consuming but tiring at times too. Being able to browse in the comfort of my home to a site that has variety of items for all the kids is an awesome option to have. Some of the items you’ll find are hard sought items so you better grab them while they last. They might be hot commodity items so the kids would be interested in getting them as a special gift too.

Wicked Uncle gives you a place to find special gift ideas for kids as a great source for parents, especially moms who are always trying to keep up with the popular items. So when you’re in need of ideas for special occasions, feel free to browse their site. You’ll be very pleased with diverse items found on their site.

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