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Who else suffers from eczema or dry skin? I’ve always had dry skin and not sure if it’s the weather or the lack of moisturizing to blame. My daughter had eczema when she was a newborn and had to be extra moisturized to keep her from getting dry patches. The doctor had us try different creams and even prescribed her some as well. So we were extremely happy to have received the kit to share my thoughts about gladskin eczema products in partnership with moms meet. So what is a great way to deal with eczema?

The kit came in a very well packaged box. The box included were the gladskin Eczema cream, the face wash, the body wash, and the shampoo bar. To my surprise, they were all full size items.

This cream worked out really well for my daughter. She developed a dry patch on the back of her thigh and the cream was great. I’m also a fan of it being fragrance free because not all scents are pleasing to the nose. I applied a layer on the affected area once a day for a few days and it helped heal the dry patch. The great part was that it balances the good and the bad bacteria. It defends against the bad bacteria while leaving the good ones around. My daughter’s leg was better without any reactions or roughness.

The cream hasn’t been applied on any face areas yet, but it’s known to be gentle enough for most sensitive skins. Even in the cheeks and eyelids areas too. The dry patches were normally in the arms and legs so thats where the cream was used. I loved how smooth it made the skin look after a few applications. Some of the cream was applied in the crease areas as well too. In the elbow or the knee area.

I’ve never used a shampoo bar for hair before but it was something different. I think it would be more suitable for shorter hair, so my husband would use it more than me. I love the fact that it is for sensitive scalps/skin. Many of us have sensitive skin so it can be so helpful.

The kit also came with a face and a body wash too. I used these products myself and they were very friendly to the skin. The cleanser was not drying and left the skin feeling soft. I love the fact that it doesn’t contain any addictive or harsh ingredients that can harm your skin. My skin loved the fact that it was non-toxic. The body wash was the same as well. It created a soft gentle feel to the skin.

Please keep in mind that all skin types are different. What might work for one person may not work for another. It’s best to try different products to find the one that works for you. My suggestion is to try in small areas at first to make sure there aren’t any reactions or irritations. Then you can proceed into broader affected areas for most benefits. My thoughts about gladskin eczema products are solely what worked for us. Try the product if it seems like something that can work for you too.

When you’re ready to grab one for yourself, save 10% on your order with the code Gladmom10 on https://gladskin.com/products/eczema-cream-for-babies-kids. The offer expires on 3/31/22 so be sure to get it before the special ends.

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