Best Legoland Attractions
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Best Legoland Attractions For The Whole Family In Carlsbad, California

Trying to figure out a fun place to take the younger kids and older kids to a have a good time is always a struggle. But if your kids love Legos as much as mine do, one of the perfect amusement parks to for Legoland vacation is Legoland theme park. It’s a great place filled with Lego toys for little kids and small children to have a great time and loads of fun. What are the best Legoland attractions you ask? Let me share some of my favorite popular rides, best rides, and new rides along with best Legoland tips that I know for you to have a wonderful time.

Quick Details About Legoland Park

  • Did you know that there are multiple Legoland Locations to enjoy the world of Lego? You can find a list of Legoland parks but a few are Florida theme park and Legoland New York.
  • Legoland park hours are everyday from 10am to 8pm California time for the main park but check on the Legoland website for any changes.
  • Legoland California Discount Tickets can be found at sometimes depending on season. Legoland tickets are sometimes on sale on their actual website for new sign up offers and best deal. Ticket options are discussed on their website for all guests of Legoland.
  • Best time to come is the weekday mornings right when they open. The busy time and the peak times would be the weekends for sure. Some people like to visit during the kids Spring break for the nice weather, but be prepared for a bigger crowd during breaks.
  • No Best age because there are things to do for all age groups even for 1 year olds.
  • Download the Legoland App to check on wait time, and live shows time too. With the mobile app, you can track and calculate times between rides.
  • Since you want to make the most of your trip, it’s much fun to spend a full day there to explore all the attractions.
  • They also have the Legoland California resort or the Legoland hotel where they have themed rooms
  • Hotel guests will get rooms that have a treasure chest along with a bucket of Lego Bricks that is locked. You find clues within the hotel to help you unlock that chest.
  • Unlike some of the other theme parks, you won’t be allowed to bring outside food or drinks into the park. Sometimes, the Legoland employee will thoroughly check and ask you to dispose of the food items before entering the premises. The only things that you are allowed to bring in are some water bottles and light snacks for your children.

Legoland Water Park

The operating hours for the water park is from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Some of the water features are water slides, wave pool, tube slides, and a lazy river. The water area has different sections for kids of various ages to enjoy.

1. Duplo Splash Safari

For the younger children 6 and under, Duplo Splash Safari would be an ideal place splash through the waters, surrounded by various safari animals. Be careful because some of the safari friends will splash and spray without a warning.

Restrictions: Adult supervision is required .

2. Joker Soaker

If you are in for getting soaked, this is the place to be. With a giant structure in the middle, you are guaranteed to filled with soak heaven. There are water cannons placed in different parts of the structure. There is a huge water filler that drops every few minutes or so from the tower. It has over 350 gallons of water that’s just ready to get you wet.

3. Pirate Reef

Take a ride on a pirate reef through a bridge and race down to the bottom for some extra splashing. Ride along a path within the water as it takes you higher just to have a pirate fall at the end of the ride. Who doesn’t love getting splashed on a ride?

Restrictions: At least 36″ tall. 36″-42″ tall personnel must be accompanied by someone 42″ or taller.

4. Splash Out

Are you a water slide kind of a person? Well then this one is for you. It’s a single rider slide that takes through the wiggles of the slide to the bottom of the pool. The water slides you through all the curves for a fun filled landing to the pool. Be cautious of what you’re wearing because since the water strength controls the speed and the movements, it can lead to possible damages to your clothing/items.

Restrictions: AT least 42″ tall. Max 300lbs No extra accessories such as floaties, or life jackets are allowed.

5. Soak-N-Sail

Similar to the joker soaker, this shipwrecked pirate vessel has over 300 gallons of water to be poured on anyone within the vicinity. Perfect for kids to enjoy all the water fun they can.

Restrictions: Under 36″ or under 10 years old need adult supervision.

Fun Town

1. Driving School

best Legoland attractions driving school

Do your kids know their traffic light signals? Green means go, red means stop, and yellow means slow down . Learn to drive at your own risk for a chance to redeem your very own driver’s license. The children have to be 6-13 years ago in this area. It does get a bit hectic because even thought it has the two lanes to drive on both directions, not everyone will drive on the right side, as we are taught in driving school.

2. Junior Driving School

If your child is under 6, they do have a junior driving school next to the section, so that they can participate in that as well. The younger ones have a smaller one way path to work with, so you would expect less collisions.

The age group for that one is 3-5 years old.

3. Fun Town Police And Fire Academy

One of our favorite ride is being able to rush and help be a hero. Get your arm strength ready because you will definitely need it. You get into one of the four vehicles provided and you work really hard to get to the pretend fire location on the other side. Once you get there, you must work to aim the fire hose into the given hole to put the fire out and come back when directed.

Restrictions: At least 34″ tall. 34″-48″ tall personnel must be accompanied by someone 48″ or taller or 18 years old.

4. Skipper School

Have you ever driven a boat? Well here’s your chance at becoming a captain of your own boat and sailing away. Instead of a bummer car, it’s like a bumper boat. It does move really slow but you have to steer in the right direction, or it can sometimes turn you backwards.

Restrictions: At least 34″ tall. 34″-48″ tall personnel must be accompanied by someone 48″ or taller or 18 years old.

Imagination Zone

1. Lego Ferrari Build & Race

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all own our very own Ferrari and take it for race? Well this would be great chance for you. Become a master builder by building your own cars at the Lego Ferrari. Have fun racing your own Ferrari and see the fastest times that are recorded. You can compete with others to see how fast your vehicle goes. There are three racetracks with each one having different obstacle courses.

2. Bionicle Blaster

How do you do with a ride that gets more fun as it spins. You test your spin skills and see how fast you can make it go.

Restrictions: At least 42′-48″ tall personnel must be accompanied by someone 48″ or taller or 14 years old.

To ride alone, you must be at least 48″ or 6 years old

3. Lego Technic Coaster

Roller coasters rides that bring real life twisting, turning, and dropping is what most people are thrilled by. Enjoy a ride on the coaster ride that has a powerful force to it.

Restrictions: At least 42′-48″ tall personnel must be accompanied by someone 48″ or taller or 14 years old.

To ride alone, you must be at least 48″ or 6 years old

Sea Life Aquarium

Are you interested in learning more about sea creatures in an interactive way through a entire section dedicated to sea animals only? They have over 350 different types of species as well as over 6,000 creatures. How exciting is that to explore the world of sea animals? Feeding demonstrations are also part of the exhibit that allows you explore with some hands on learning experiences. They also have an area with baby sharks, sting rays, and Octopi where kids can actually feel and touch them with a guided assistance from the specialist.

Lego Ninjago World

1. Lego Ninjago The Ride

Who’s ready for some 3-D Ride filled with lightning, fireballs, and various actions through a ride to get your ninja status. You showcase you ninja skills with just the use of your hands, without any devices. Have you heard of fruit ninja? Think of that when you’re riding this ride and it will help you get through it.

2. Cole’s Rock Climb

Do your kids like to explore rock climbing skills? Well without much restrictions, here’s a chance for them to test their skills and explore the outdoor climbing area that everyone loves.

3. Jay’s Lightning Drill

Test your patience and speed as you join this interactive drill session. How fast can you move and how are your reflexes?

Castle Hill

1. Royal Joust

One of my son’s favorite ride at Legoland became the royal joust. It’s a single riding ride that allows even the youngest knights to be in charge through a forest.

Restrictions: Must be 36″ tall. 4-12 years old. 169 lb weigh limit.

2. The Dragon

Finally a roller coaster that is enjoyed by many. You enter the Legoland Castle and ride through a journey indoors and outdoors as well.

Restrictions: Must be 40″ or taller. At least 42′-48″ tall personnel must be accompanied by someone 48″ or taller or 14 years old

3. Hideaways

This one a kids favorite because its like a jungle Jim filled with tunnels, ladders, slides, swings, and ropes that get you across from one side to the other side of the structure.

Lego Movie World

1, Unkitty’s Disco Drop

Who love the dropping affect attractions. It takes you to the top of the Cloud Cuckoo Land and you will fill the drop and bounce as it spins in a circle.

Restrictions: At least 40″ tall. Under 48″ must be accompanied by someone 14 years old and 48″ or taller

2. Queen Watevra’s Carousel

Who doesn’t love a good carousel ride. Join the Queen and 6o of her horses. It’s perfect for the younger age groups because there really isn’t any limitations or restrictions, as long as parents are with the really young children.

3. Emmert’s Flying Adventure Ride

Have a dandy time with the master builders on a flying couch. It takes you on a journey through the Lego-Movie Universe through the virtual screen.

Restrictions: At least 40″ tall. Under 48″ must be accompanied by someone 14 years old and 48″ or taller. Not recommended for pregnant women or those with motions sicknesses.

Character Meet

Meet and Greet happens throughout the park in various locations.

Lego Ninjago World will have your chance to pose with your favorite Nijango character

Imagination Zone has the Officier in Pursuit from the new 4D – Movie Lego City. Also starts from the movie A New Adventure at the WB Games Family GameSpace, with Wyldstyle and Emmet.

Fun Town will have characters in costumes strolling along for you to discover them.

This was just a glimpse of some the best Legoland attractions that seemed to the people’s favorites. There are plenty more options and best tips and things to explore for younger children as well. Be sure to take advantage of their free breakfast at the hotel if you’re staying there. If whole day at Legoland wasn’t enough, be sure to visit the San Diego Zoo near by to check out some of their awesome animals. A great way to be on a look out about new attraction news is on their website. Don’t leave Legoland without trying their apple fries because mmm hmmm, it’s delicious.

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