Life change as a mom blogger
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This new life turning point of a mom blogger happened because it became one of my biggest source of communication, with me and the world. When I started blogging less than a year ago, it was my outlet from having to deal with Covid-19. With the world turning upside down, I was stuck with 2 kids at home. My daughter was finishing her school through a virtual distance learning program with one iPad. It became her only source of learning through zoom. While on the other side, my little one was clingy as ever and wanted to do everything with mommy.

Why Blogging?

Blogging my way through the pandemic was what kept me busy and somewhat focused. It gave me something to look forward to and to share my daily life as a woman, mom, and ideas that would help others as well. Through blogging, I was able to regain a little of myself and not just my mom life. I was able to connect and network with other women/moms who were in the similar situations as me.

Some were newly moms, work at home moms, stay at homes, while others were career moms. Whatever job they had, we were able to make connections through our blogs and share each other’s lives. I’m a mom blogger with a new life change that will forever impact me.

Mom Blogging

It’s not easy being a mom blogger. I’ve learned that being able to sit down and type one blog post is impossible with a virtually learning 1st grader and a toddler who wants your full attention all the time. I’ve struggled to complete a post in one or two days. Once I begin writing, I see myself saving the post a million times before it gets completed.

Between the two kids, the cooking and the cleaning, and the daily duties, I have yet to complete all my tasks. In addition to that, sitting in front of my iPad only makes my kids want to have to screen time as well. Explaining to them that mommy’s screen time involves work became a struggle many times. “If you can have screen time, why can’t we, Mommy,” was the famous phrase for awhile.

At first, it was a bit difficult trying to explain to them why mommy was always on the iPad/phone/computer. To them, mommy was playing on the screen. To me, I was trying to work. But later they understood that mommy work involved being on the screen and because more understanding.

Life Change

As I started to write more and more, I began to acknowledge myself as a “blogger” My lifestyle was changing and my new “work” was to write. Blogging became a daily lifestyle to me and I started being comfortable with this new style. Being able to write about my life, motherhood, lifestyle, tips and ideas that I could share with other women/moms/parents became a new thing for me. Only if I can keep this up and pursue it as a permanent work, then the blogging lifestyle would be more fulfilled.

If you are ever considering blogging and not sure if you think you can, take a look at blogging time

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