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Most parents struggle with bed time at one point in their parenting life. Frankly there really isn’t a perfect bed time routine. It may vary dependent on each family but setting a better bed time routine that works is a great way for both the parents the child(ren). It brings consistency and a better understanding of preparing for the bed time.

Setting A Specific Time

Finding a specific time frame for the child is important in creating consistency. It allows both the child and the parent to know when bed time routine should begin. This also gives the child to be able to calculate their own time as well. By letting them know that (time) is when bed time routine starts and (time) is when they need to be in bed by. Our routine usually begins between 7:45pm-8:00pm and they need to be in bed by 8:15pm-8:30pm. Depending on how long they take, they can grab a book to read in bed.

Final Snack/Meal

My children always request a small snack, dessert, or milk before bed. So before the routine actually starts, we make sure that they get their final chance to eat/drink before washing up. My little one has been on this thing about asking for snack/milk right before bed time for a while, so we had to put a stop to that real quick. So now I make sure that they eat at least an hour before we start the bed time routine.

Clean Up

I normally give my kids a countdown of when and how much time is left before bed time. So before the down time begins, they need to make sure that the play room is clean. Honestly, it doesn’t always happen because there will be days where they are over stimulated and need the rest time faster than expected. But on most days, we do try to tidy up things before sleep time.

Bath/Wash Up Time

Ending each night with a bath or a wash time is helps children get ready for the the downtime. Depending on each parent, bath time is usually daily, every other day, or a few times a week. If it’s not a bath day, at least emphasize on brushing their teeth and washing their face before going to bed, so that they are getting rid of all the dirt before going to bed. I personally give a bath to my kids every other day (unless they are filthy dirty =)) because I don’t want to dry out their soft skins.


Having a story read to children before bed time is a great way to help them settle down. Sometimes I will will the story to them, but these days, they’ve been taking a book to bed with them an reading it to each other. Often big sister reads a story to the little brother and he loves listening to it before he falls asleep. I really enjoy watching or listening to them during this time because it’s just one of the sweetest moments they share every day.

Saying Good-Night

We make our good night moment a big deal. We make sure to give each other hugs, kisses, good nights, and I love you. It’s become our daily ritual to make sure the kids and the parents reciprocate it. Mainly it’s the kids the come to us first to make sure they their hugs and kisses, as sometimes we don’t like to impose on them to feel like they HAVE to. Some nights, if I forget, they will wake up and come to my room just to give the kiss, hug, and say I love you mommy/daddy. Moments to be cherished for life.

Keep It Consistent (Preferably everyday)

Maintaining the same routine on a daily basis is more ideal in helping the child(ren) better situate themselves. You don’t want to make changes to the routine because it creates confusion for them. Once a routine is created, they will start getting ready on their own and see the schedule as fit. Always make sure to see that the routine is appropriate and works well with them before trying to keep it consistent.

Bed time routines are a great way for children and parents to prepare the night time rest. Instead of waiting for a surprise, they already know what to expect.

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