High temperature
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Being a parent, there’s nothing more concerning than when your child has a high temperature. It is alarming to see visible symptoms like rosy cheeks and a warm forehand. You reach for that thermometer hoping that it doesn’t show a high number only to see that dreadful 100 or plus. So you wonder how to effectively reduce children’s high temperature when they’re sick?

Limited Clothing

There is so much different myth when it comes to fever and clothing. In my culture, we were always told to break the fever by breaking a sweat. We would bundle up in blankets to sweat off all the germs and fever and wait for the fever to go down. Nowadays, the common routine is to have your child be naked to cool down the body’s heat.

Being a parent myself now, making decisions for my children is based on my own beliefs. Therefore, I do what’s called limited clothing. I don’t like to leave my child naked nor do I like to bundle them up in covers. I usually have them wear a thin under shirt/underwear, sometimes, with or without shorts on. I make sure the fabric is that of a thin material.

Luke Warm Bath

Luke warm bath has been a hit or miss for us. I’ve tried it with and without, the results come up differently. I’ve given a bath only to see a hike in the fevers and I’ve seen opposite reaction where the fever was highly reduced. I’m not too sure what creates a different reaction but a reduced fever is more noticeable with a Luke warm bath than without.

Forehead Fever Patch

When I first found out about these forehead patches, I was very skeptical. They just looked like a heat patch for your back pains, and weren’t very fond of them. But my kids love these fever patches and it helps to a certain extent. I don’t use it every time they’re sick but depending on if they need that extra support.


Maintaining hydration is crucial when it comes to fevers because fever dehydrates the body in so many ways. Having enough fluids and liquids in the body is a must. Water is the best source but pedialyte is also recommended to help the kids with some flavored liquids. This one is definitely a necessity in how to effectively reduce children’s high temperature.


To help your child with discomfort and pain, combination of Tylenol and Motrin is also recommended. For dosage it is best to as your doctor/pharmacist because each age/weight group has different dosage and measurements. Don’t alway rely on google because it can give you different information. If the dosage is on the label of the medicine, use that. Otherwise, ask your doctor for more accurate dosage information.


The body works in the most mysterious yet accordingly. We often get sick because our body’s either fighting off a virus, bacteria, infections, and more, but sometimes it can be from mere exhaustion. Our body goes through so much on a daily basis without much time to recharge. Helping them get the extra rest and sleep will recharge them and help fight the illness as well too.

It’s so tough seeing your child being sick and often feel hopeless when you feel like you’re doing everything, but nothing seems to work. Words of encouragement often help and I turn to some of my favorite Inspiration Quotes For Moms. It gives some motivation and support when you need it.

As parents, finding different remedies to help children cope with their sicknesses are always helpful. If you have any other suggestions for how to effectively reduce children’s high temperature, feel free to leave it in the comments. I’m sure other parents will find it helpful too.

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