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I first heard about Pact Dream Big Pajamas on a moms groups website. Prior to that, I’ve never knew or heard about them. So when we received this product for free from moms meet ( they asked me to do a review on the pajamas. I was accepted to do so and was very pleased and excited. Read along to see what I, along with the kids, responded to the pact dream big pajamas review.

Product Background

To give you a little background of the product is that it’s made of organic cotton, which helps the environment. The pajamas come in 18 months to kids size 10 and are of soft and breathable materials. It is 100% organic cotton with no toxic chemicals which is safe for kids to wear. Did you know that Organic cotton uses 91% LESS water than conventional cotton to be produced? So these pajamas are helping with the water conservation efforts. Not a lot of company’s can say that the materials they use are completely safe for kids, so this was a plus for me. As a mom of two, I like to find products that are safer and cleaner on their bodies. The pajamas it self has a snug fit for warmth and a pull-on waistband. The added cuffs and the wrists give it an extra attention so that you can roll it up to your desire.

Mom’s Thoughts

One of the biggest pluses I loved was the tagless labels on the back. My little one hates any tags on this clothes and I hated having to remove tags on clothes, especially the higher end products. Anytime he gets new clothes, I always have to keep in mind of the possibilities of having to remove the tags, both on the top and the bottom. But with these pajamas being tag-less, it was a win in our books. I also felt like the material was perfect for the weather spring weather right now. These are long sleeve/pants so these work the best for the cooler weather. We will definitely try wearing them in the summer time to see how it does in warmer weather too. I also love the stretch factor on them. It has enough room for each. One thing I would recommend is that I would go one size up from your kids usual sizes. Because of it being pajamas, I feel like it would benefit the kids to go up one size to give it a little extra room. I went one size up on both of then, and it was a good decision.

My Daughter’s Thoughts

The kids were provided with two different designs each and had a chance to sleep in them both. My older one was pleased with the comfort and the snuggle feeling it gave her. It wasn’t tight where it had no room to breath and it wasn’t loose where it would leave room for air to go in throughout the night. She said the material wasn’t the softest but it wasn’t rough either. (She likes the polyester/silky material the best so that’s just her).

My Son’s Thoughts

My younger one on the other side sweats a lot during the night. Even when we put him in short sleeves and shorts, he tends to sweat through them. But he didn’t seem to sweat too much in these (not sure how he will do in warmer summer weather but we’ll try it then too). He loved the fact that it didn’t have a tag and didn’t have to constantly scratch the back of his neck fo the irritation. He loved the colors he got and the pattern of the ocean feels. (He’s crazy into all types of animals right now).

Special Code For You

So if you want to try one for yourself, save 20% on your first Pact purchase at with promo code MomsMeet20. Offer is valid until 12/31/21. ( Offer valid on first purchases only. Does not apply to sale items. Cannot be combined with other offers.) Hope this Pact Dream Big Pajamas Review helped you understand their product just a little more. Be sure to visit their website for other choices as well. Remember to machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

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