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Online Games: Better Ways To Be Entertained

How has the pandemic treated you in the past 2 years? Good? Bad? Stressed? Tired? What were some ways you dealt with the pandemic stress? What worked and what didn’t? I, for one, had some time to go back to the old school days to play some online games on my computer. Yes, I sure did. I also played on my phone and my iPad devices but the good old computer games were some great ways to pass time. Although some believe that playing games increases their stress level because they are so keen on winning or defeating that game, others play for fun.

Working from home, there’s no set break times or lunch breaks. The schedule is whenever you can fit it in. But since it’s summer time with the kids home, the schedules have been somewhat set. So whenever I get a little break from writing or from the kids, I can hop on a few minutes here and there for some game time. Most of the time is usually after the kids go to bed that I get some me time.

Why The Online Games

Games are a great way to help with decluttering when your mind is so full. By putting your thoughts and skills into the game, your focus redirects away from all the mind boggling things and help you just refresh for that period of time. I’ve played online solitaire and some video slot games online whenever I feel overwhelmed or need some re-focus but these online games through my computer were a refreshing joy.

With so much going on these days, it’s hard to find that time to detox and declutter. One of the better ways to be entertained for me is through these online games that give me a outlook away from the day to day things. This mama of two, get a very limited time to myself unless I’m on the computer working on a blog. So having these online games to take a few minutes break here and there are such a great moment for me.

Another perk about the online games (depending on various choices) is that they are free. Unlike many of the games on phones and devices giving you a free trial and then having to pay for them, playorg games are free. Obviously not all online video games are free, but you can definitely find a lot that are. By searching through their browser, you can find appropriate games for various age groups as well.

Online Games Options

One of the games I played was the Monster Truck Rider from and it reminded me so much of old games as a child. Using the four arrow keys and the space key on the computer keyboard, you ignite the movements of the truck to accelerate to the next level. You can increase the speed level by pressing on the keys as well. Watching that monster truck speed it’s way through to the next level definitely gives you that adrenaline rush. There are other variations of the monster truck games that you can choose from as well. You can browse through or try playing each one to see which one fits to your liking.

online games

Another game that was perfect for the kids was a Math game. It gives you the option to choose what type of math you want to do. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Division were the choices to choose from. It even gives you to the option to choose mixed random as well. It was a great for my kids to review their math skills and to enhance their learning skills as well.

My Thoughts

With so many games to choose from, there’s also an option to choose random games to play. Sometimes when you’re given too many choices to choose from, having something chosen for you is also an option. What’s also awesome about this site is that you can save a list of your favorites so that you don’t have to go back searching for the ones you want to play again.

I love the fact that there are so many different categories and options for both adults and children to choose from. The categories help determine what type of game you want to play from the hundreds of games that are offered on their page. Do you let your kids play online video games too? Then This would be a great place to check out what their interests are.

My children have restricted screen time throughout the day, so utilizing their time in the best way is a great strategy for them. Learning games are always a plus for them, so I do give them extra time when it comes to these types of screen time activities. It enhances their thinking skills while learning different strategies for the right conclusion. Let your inner childhood come out through these online video games. Childhood memories of fun games are remembered and can be shared with your own children as well.

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