Daily Skincare Routine
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I never realized how important skincare routine was until I ended up with dark spots and an unhappy skin. Applying layers and layers on my face was not something I enjoyed because it made me feel so cakey. I would try to apply make-up on top of the skincare products that were already on my face and I was just not for it. But after seeing how badly it was affecting my skin and my face, I needed to make some changes fast. So I created the 7 recommended steps to a better skincare routine for myself that has helped restore some of the bad features.


  1. When I first wake up in the morning, I wash my face with cold water because it helps tone your face. It gives it a refreshing look. I use a light facial cleanser to rub off all the built up grease and oil from overnight.


2. Then I apply a toner to not only give it an additional refreshing but to wipe off all the grease that the cleanser might not have done so. It gives it a refreshing feeling as if all the residue gets taken off as well.


3. After I apply a light serum. The serum that I use gives it a brightness texture so that it can help lock in the moisturizer that I apply after. Putting on the serum is actually my favorite part of the skincare routine because of the shiny glow it brings about. Every time I put it on, my little one says “Mommy your’e face is so shiny!”


4. I apply a combo moisturizer, primer, and sunblock cream. It’s all in one moisturizer so that I don’t have to apply them separately. I was never a fan sunblock because of it’s thick texture and never made it mandatory to apply on my face. (Hence the dark spot creations) But with this combination cream, I have no issues applying it. This combo blend does have feel thick and goes on smoothly.


5. After all these are applied, then I can go ahead and apply my foundation/concealer and proceed on with my make-up routine.

Night Time Routine

6. For nighttime routines, I apply most of the same items. Instead of using cold water, I use warm water with a cleanser to wash off all the dirt and grease piled on from the day. The only different items that I will add on might be an additional night cream before I go to sleep. Also, I made do a facial mask once in a while if I feel that my skin is a bit dry or needs extra essence.

Face Masks

7 Occasionally I will also do face masks at night time to add some more sense to my face. It helps bring extra moisture and hydration to your face. The Korean collagen ones are one of my favorite ones.

Everyone has their own skin care routine. Some may do more and some may do less. As long as you are adding some self-care to your skin and to yourself, it shouldn’t matter how or what you do. Being able to take care your self is a plus in any way.

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