Moms life during a pandemic
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How has the pandemic life been for everyone? Good, Bad, or Neither? Life has turned upside down for us all almost a year ago and its still going on. Many places are still shut down and for those that are still open are very limited in visitations. How are you facing a pandemic surprise as a mother?

Kids playing in the background
Mom trying to work


Parenting has been pretty challenging with the two kids at home. Motherhood during a pandemic brings out so much you never knew you had. The older one is in virtual school half the day. She still needs help with various things through out her school day. Daily homework also takes a toll on her and myself as well, after a long day of virtual learning. The younger one is pretty much attached to me all day. On some days, he’ll play by himself and find things to do, while on other days, he expects me to do everything with him. Me time has gone out the door recently as attending to the two kids have taken over.

Meeting The Kids Essential Needs

I spend the day wearing 5 million hats. I’m a cook in the morning preparing their breakfast and lunch and distributing them to each child. Then they get their snacks whether it be fruits or dry snacks. Then I’m a dishwasher washing all the dishes that we’ve used up for breakfast or lunch.

Dishes are done in various increments so sometimes it can be a few times versus five. I used to leave dishes in the sink and do them in bundles at a time, but I see myself washes them more frequently now. Then I’m a teacher sitting with my little one helping with hits puzzles or letters. Or I’m attending to my daughter who needs help understanding her class work or homework.

Virtual learning during a pandemic
Learning through a screen

Distance and Virtual Learning

The older one has virtual learning so she’s in school for at least half the day. Starring at the school for more than half the day is not what we had expected. She’s gotten used to the routine so she’s been doing well and following along, but the extreme amount of time spent on the screen is not what I love as a parent.

They are staring at the screen the majority of the the class time and can’t imagine how much damage it’s having on her eyes. The teacher’s expect their full attention so I do understand that they want the children on the screen the whole time. Having to wake up and go straight to a screen can’t be easy for the kids and I give so much praise to my daughter.

Mental Health

Mentally, it’s been a lot to intake having to go through motherhood during a pandemic. Having to accommodate to everything the two kids need from me all day is a bit overwhelming. They are of different age, so the needs are very different sometimes.

Mentally, having to cope with this pandemic life and not being able to have getaways has been difficult too. We would take at least 2-3 weekend getaway vacations during the year to just refresh and catch a break from reality. But the reality of the pandemic life has taken a huge dip in our lives.

family doing a thanksgiving toasts
Family get together

Missing Family and Friends

One of the toughest part of this pandemic life has also been not seeing my family and friends. With the fear of either spreading or catching the virus to and from, we’ve kept our social distance in full effect. We would only visit our parents to drop off their essential needs or deliver some food to them. We would keep a distance apart and do short greetings. We miss our friends who m we haven’t seen in almost a year.

Some are very free and are open to visitations and gatherings, but personally I’m just not ready. My kids miss their grandparents and ask constantly when we would be able to go to their houses and play. The only people we’ve spent occasion time with is my sister’s family because we have a mutual understanding. Our expectations of each other and our families are very well agreed upon.

The pandemic life has brought on so many changes for everyone. Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, it’s been a challenging time. Give credit to all of you for doing great and working with things in ways that seem impossible. We will overcome this, just as we’ve all over come so many other things.

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