How lack of sleep affects your body
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Even before I was pregnant with my first child, there were days when I had bad insomnia. I would toss and turn in my bed until I saw the sunrise and it was time to get up. If I had any type of caffeine in my system that day, then it was game over for the night as well. I didn’t realize the importance of sleep and how sleep deprivation affects your body.

Lack Of Sleep

While I was pregnant with my first born, I had so many sleepless nights. As my belly got bigger, tossing and turning was not possible. I would just end up laying on one position wide awake, without being able to move much. I would lay there watching something on my iPad or having the tv on quiet enough to so that my husband could continue to sleep.

There were nights where I would be awake long enough that I became hungry again. You know what that I meant. I would go downstairs and make myself some unhealthy ramen noodles. And in order to digest, I would wide awake some more. My sleep deprivation was slowly affecting my body.

Consequences Of Lack Of Sleep

Gradually my body started feeling the fatigue and the lack of functioning. I started getting a lot of headaches, lightheaded, and brain foggy at times. Migraines became frequent and I felt so disoriented, as the days of insomnia increased. It became a cycle. I would get 3 days of descent sleep and 3 days of not.

On the days that I got sleep, my mind felt refreshed and less grogginess. The days where I lacked sleep, I felt more agitated and short tempered. The more fatigue I was getting, the less activities I was doing, which meant my brain wasn’t being active either. That’s when I realized how sleep deprivation affects your body.

Current Situation

Fast forward to present days. After Many sleepless nights, and a one foggy brained mommy, I’ve realized that my body needed SLEEP. I’ve had countless days of sleep deprivation from both of the kids early years. The night time feedings took a huge toll on my sleep schedule. I wasn’t able to sleep during the day because I was never a day time napped either. I still have days where I would be wide awake for hours in the middle of the night but not as often.

Changes To Improve Sleep Patterns

Hydrate – My daily water intake has dramatically increased to keep myself hydrated. Lemon water is a plus

Physical Activities – Increase in physical activities helps the brain stay more alert and active. I do a daily exercise of some sort. Sometimes it can be from a video or on the stepper machine.

Diet – By diet, I meant to try to eat a balance meal. Heavier meals during the day and less for dinner. Snacks in between to help you meet your hunger needs.

Caffeine Intake – I was never a caffeine person to begin with, but I make sure that I don’t eat or drink caffeinated food/drinks.

Vitamins – Vitamins were something I was never consistent with. I’ll take some for a few days and then forget about them for weeks. Now I make sure to take daily vitamins, as I give my children theirs.

Project – Find something that you can focus on. Keeping busy with your toddler. Finding a moment to write a blog or a read book. Do something that keeps your brain working.

Keep in mind these are only what I’ve gone through and what has helped me get a better sleep. Other’s have relied on other things that may have helped them. Some of these tips may or may not work on everyone. But if you do have sleep deprivations, it is worth looking into making some changes. It will help you in the long run.

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  1. It really worries me about the impact lack of sleep has on my as I get older! My youngest has always been an awful sleeper and at 3 years old, doesn’t look to be getting any better!

  2. sleep is very important, this article is a good reminder especially for anyone who forgots to check their sleep pattern or time.

  3. I experience a lot of the same things you do when I don’t get enough sleep. I try to make getting enough sleep every day a priority, but sometimes it’s hard. Thanks for the reminder!

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