Pregnant And Nauseous
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Are there better ways of dealing with the miserable pregnancy nausea? Not everyone women goes through the same pregnancy symptoms. Some might get nausea and many symptoms, while others might not. For those that have dealt with nausea, I am there with you. Luckily mine wasn’t as severe as some of my mom friends I know who had to take medicine. Luckily I was able to rely on some items that helped me with the nausea. (Please keep in mind these are what helped me get through. It may or may not help everyone. For severe nausea, please consult your primary physicians)

Dried Ginger

This dried ginger was my best friend during both pregnancy and even after. Whenever I felt a bit of nausea, I would chew on one of these, or even multiples. They are sweet yet spicy and has a good amount kick to help alleviate the nausea that the stomach creates. It also helps during an upset stomach or heart burn as well. It helps you burp because often it’s gas that can also create nausea as well. The bag is a pretty descent size so I only needed one or two bags for each pregnancy. Depending on how well you can tolerate gingery taste, you can get more or less.

Preggie Pops Drops

This product was introduced to me by my husband’s cousin during my first pregnancy and when I didn’t know how to deal with pregnancy nausea. Guess What? I fell in love with it. Ultimately its a candy pop that helps you during your nausea symptoms. It comes in various flavors that you can choose. The thing I enjoyed about this the most is that it was just like any candy. Sometimes I enjoyed it so much that I would eat it even when I didn’t have any symptoms at all too.

Spicy Shin Ramen Cups

If you can do spicy and love ramen, this would your go to item. This was my go to meal at times when I had no appetite or my nauseas was bad and I needed to eat. My husband will tell you that I would wake up at 3 in the morning to meet my hunger cravings with this as well.

Control Honey Tea

Although this is translated as tea, it’s not a caffeinated tea. It’s a mix of honey and citron fruits in a jelly paste. You mix a spoonful to water and it gives it an awesome flavor. You can get either the honey and citron flavor or a ginger tea one if you prefer a little kick. If you have an Asian market near you, you might find it a little cheaper and/or with more choices. But if you are an amazon shopper like me, its a go to item.

Lemon Water

Lemon was always a traditional remedy for nausea. The sweet and sour taste helps settle your stomach at times. You can put a slice of lemon in a preferably warm water to help ease the queasiness, but you can also do cold water as well. Or you can even just take a bit out of slice of lemon to get that sourness into your mouth which also helps as well.

Luckily, I didn’t have pregnancy nausea after my first trimester. Once I got over the hurdle, my stomach became a lot more comfortable and at ease. Obviously I’ve had my moments and utilized the above mentioned items throughout the pregnancy. But everyone has different stages and remedies that work for them. If you have some suggestions, please feel free to comment with them.

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