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States Lifting Restrictions

(The views expressed in this blog is purely my own and not of anyone else’s. Therefore, it does not mean dictate a right or wrong action. it’s just the way I view the situations) As the states are lifting restrictions on Covid-19 protocols, I still struggle with everything, and everyone surrounding me.

My husband and I are fully vaccinated and so are my families, the adults at least. That means the children are not, and they are still at a risk for exposure. Although the chances of the kids getting the virus are lower and the risk factors are less, this mom still struggles. Why I struggle with the lifted restrictions are discussed based on my own personal belief. It is not meant to put anyone or any values down, but an experience and view based on my own self.

Confused Mom

As the nation is starting to go back to the norms, I still get confused on why and how things are still okay. Although many people have been vaccinated, there are still a quite a number of non vaccinated people. With the masks restrictions lifted, I still struggle to know who might be carrying the virus and who might not.

I wouldn’t know where someone has been. Could they be asymptomatic and spread the virus to my child? Are they walking around without a mask spreading the virus? Fully vaccinated doesn’t me that I won’t get the virus, it just means that I am more protected from it. People get the flu virus every year, yet some still get the flu no matter what. Self-protection is the best way to go and I will continue to do so.

Mom Of Worries

I am that mom who worries about everything and anything, and I always fear the worse. I am that person that who likes to prevent problems before it happens, if I can. Obviously if its out of my hands, then it’s a different story. But if I can have some control over it, I will. If I know that keeping a mask on will keep my children a little safer from the virus, then by all means, we will keep it on.

There are people who are comfortable walking around without masks and being around everyone, and that’s okay with me. But please don’t pressure me to take mine off or my kids. As long as I’m protecting myself and my family the best way that I can, I’m doing my part.

As If Nothing Happened

We took a mini weekend trip to a state that was 100% open and boy was it as if nothing ever happened. People were walking around with no masks and going about their own businesses. Obviously there were still some people wearing a mask, including us, but vast majority weren’t. We had times where we had our masks off as well when we weren’t surrounded by massive amount of people. As long as there was a distance from others, I was okay with the mask off at times.

Back To The Norm

It might take some time for me to get back to the norms without the mask. As everyone goes back to their normal ways, I will continue to do my part in protecting myself and my family. Depending on each situation, we will take precautions as needed. So you may see us with the masks on keeping distance, or masks may come off in different situations. I would love more than anything to go back to the way things were, but I think it still takes some time. To be able to deal with restrictions, we all need extra time.

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  1. As a mom, I totally understand your feelings. Sometimes I’m not sure what is or is not safe for the kids.

  2. It’s such a weird time. I longed for the day the masks would be gone and things would go back to normal. Yet I’m fearful we’ll end up right back where we were at the beginning.

  3. All valid points.

  4. Our family followed the guidelines when they were in place but still went to public places. We felt that as long as we took a few extra sanitary precautions and continued to keep ourselves in good physical health then we would be okay. We all made it through without contracting COVID. Now we are vaccinated. We don’t wear masks in public unless required now and are comfortable with it except for the fact that it does still feel funny not to HAVE to wear it. Totally support all those still feeling the need/desire to wear one though!

  5. All of us in our family are vaccinated, so that gives me some reassurance; but yes, that ‘as if nothing happened’ general attitude that I am hearing of more now is worrisome.. On the other hand, I am fortunate that most people in our area are still wearing masks in crowded areas, though there are some who are not..

  6. I can totally understand these feelings!

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