Self Care to Beat Motherhood Burnout
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Are you going through motherhood burnout? Do you feel like being a mother has gotten you so exhausted? I wrote a post about how to tell if you might be going through motherhood burnout here motherhood burnout If you have any of the symptoms from that blog post, these are some tips on how to beat motherhood burnout that can bring you some ease.

Ask For Help

A lot of mothers are hesitant when it comes to asking for help but we feel like a failure when it comes to doing so. We feel like we are super women who can do anything and everything but in reality, we all need help. Instead of learning to ask for help when needed, we take on too much. One of the best ways to beat motherhood burnout is to ask for help.

If we need a little break from kids, ask someone to watch the kids for a little while so you can take short time off. chores around the house can pile up but you can ask your spouse or partner to help. Possibly even hire some cleaners to come. Obviously not everyone has the financial capabilities for this, but finding ways to seek help is very important.


Taking some time to do self-care can definitely help you to beat motherhood burnout. What is self-care? It’s whatever you do that can make you happy. There are long list of self-care tips that people do. Check out on my post 7 stress trips

to get some tips on stress relief. Or you can also see my post on 5 doctors

that gives you additional ideas on how things that can help you with self-care. It’s finding and doing that give you comfort and ease.

Put Yourself First

As mothers, you will hardly ever see us being put first in any situation. As moms busy taking care of our families and everything around us that we often forget to put ourselves first. But it is important that sometimes we do put ourselves first, and its okay to do so. Why do we have to feel guilty because we want to be first at times. We may want to eat first or sometimes go to bed first and there shouldn’t be any objections to do so. We don’t always have to be the last ones. Be okay and stand your ground to put yourself first at times, without feeling bad about it.

Get Rest/Sleep

The most common phrase you hear from other people is “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” and as much as it sounds so great, realistically it doesn’t happen. Why? Because us moms have the tendency to want to watch our kids sleep, or catch up on things chores and duties that were left behind. But nonetheless, you do have to find time to rest when you body tells you. It’s crazy how our body knows if you’ve maxed out it’s needs. When the body tells you that you need to take a break, you seriously need to listen and take that much needed rest.

Support System

You need to keep a support system around. Whether it be your spouse/partner, family, friends, or just people you can talk to, having a support system to turn to is such a positive attributions. Sometimes you don’t even have to say or do anything. If you have a support system of women/mothers, they too might be going through the same thing and will fully understand and support you.

Maintain A Good Eating Habit

This one can get thought if your a first time mom or a mom to a newborn. Since the babies like to feed on demand, it feels like you might not get much break to eat at times. But its very important that you eat well so that you can take of others. Without taking care of yourself and eating when you need to, how do you expect to take care someone else?

You must be well first to be able to keep others well. Eat when you body seeks food or at least have a snack handy whenever. On the go meals or snacks can be prepared in advance as well for busy times.

I know that there may be so many other ways to beat motherhood burn out but these are some common ones that helped me. These are merely tips and suggestions and doesn’t mean that it will work on everyone. You have to be able to do what works for you. Not everyone finds comfort in the same things, so be sure to do what works for you.

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  1. Thanks for your advice here!! I’m really feeling burnout…partly because I’ve been under the weather. And school is not even in session!

    1. Asking for help is so hard for me. I really appreciate all the advice from this post

  2. All of these are so important. For me asking for help is the hardest.

  3. Asking for help has always been the hardest thing for me to do!

  4. Definitely feeling this right now! With working 60 hours a week at the moment, moving house and the kids not being at school for over two months now, because of the relocation, I am so ready for them to start their new school so I can have some quiet and get on top of things! Then time for some much needed self care!

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