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Being in the education field for 17 + years I’ve never imagined myself so much different as a parent then when I was an educator. I had so many things planned when I became a mom, but so many of it has gone out the door. How to be a teacher mom for your kids that plays duo roles in the kids life.

Teacher In Me

Teacher In Me- As a teacher, I had so much patience, non like others. I was able to take on pretty much anything a child brought on to me, without yelling or being angry. I love doing crazy arts and crafts (even the messiest of them all). Engaging with each and every single child s my school in someways or another was my expertise.

I made sure that I took time to engage with each child by recognizing one aspect of them through complaints or encouragements. I wanted to make sure that I was able to bring a smile out of that child. Being a teacher and director was a special job for me.

Mommy In Me

Mommy in me- I am one of the most strictest person (mom) that I know or at least I think I am. I expect a lot out of my kids, as far as education, listening, and more. I often see myself get easily frustrated at my kids. When they can’t achieve something that I know or I’ve seen them do on their own before,

I get upset. After the first or second attempt at giving directions, my voice automatically jumps to 10 pitches higher than where it was. My patience level is no where near where it was when I was a teacher. Being a mom was tougher than I had ever imagined. Expectations of how to be a teacher mom was not going well.

In Between The Two

Sometimes I get disappointed as a mother. The fun loving teacher/director that I used to be seems to be hiding and the mean angry mom keeps coming out. I know that I’ve had to deal with so much in the past 6 years emotionally and physically during both pregnancies of my kids (near death experiences) but I didn’t think it would affect me this much.

Don’t get me wrong, the fun educator comes out a lot as well but not as much as I used to or want it to be. I have so many ideas that I could implement but instead of the teacher mode (fun learning environment) the mommy mode of (messy and clean-up) comes out and holds me back from the extra fun activities.

Bringing The Two Together

The ultimate goal is to be a teaching mom, where I can bring both my mom and teacher qualities together and merge them to be the best teaching mom ever. It may take time as I begin to slowly implement the best traits from each but I am confident that I will be able to bring them together. My kids deserve the best and I would love to share my best with them.

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