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Have you ever felt like you needed to add extra physical activities to your kids daily routine? Do your kids like Sports like T-ball & Batting Tee? Well you’re about to get introduced to this Franklin Sports T-Ball & Batting Tee that changed my kids lives. My kids love being outdoors and doing outdoors activities, so it was great to that one of my kid’s favorite Franklin sports-t-ball and batting tee was on amazon. They love sports and doing physical activities outdoors.

We were thinking of putting our daughter into a girls t-ball/baseball team but then Covid happened. Her chance to join a team to play was shattered. So this Franklin Sports T-Ball & Batting Tee came in very handy at the right time. We have been focusing on keeping more physical activity enhancer in our backyard and T-Ball & Batting Tee was a perfect fit.

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The Search For The T-Ball & Batting Tee

Recently the kids have been getting into baseball and playing hit and catch in the house. During baseball season, they did enjoy watching and mimicking the players as well. With the fear that they would break a window or so in the house, I needed to search for an outdoor baseball activity kit. I’ve searched through various stores online and in person and found that most of them didn’t have great quality. They seemed very flimsy or lack of strength for the stand alone capabilities. The kids insisted on more play activities for outdoors.

T-Ball & Batting Tee Found

After searching online some more. we found this Franklin Sports Kids T-ball and Baseball Batting Tee – MLB 2-in-1 Grow-with-Me Tee – Adjustable Youth Hitting Tee – Perfect for T-ball and Baseball on amazon.

The ratings were pretty good and the features seemed very appealing as well. When we first purchased it, we were very skeptical of it’s capabilities. But once we set it up, the kids were absolutely in love with it. The level of the stability and the sturdiness exceeded out expectations. This T-ball set is a great starting kit for young ones to practice or show off their baseball skills. It’s a bit smaller for adults, but my husband and I sometimes join in on the fun and it works out great.

Awesome Features Of This T-Ball & Batting Tee

  • It has a hanging tee that can be adjustable in height for shorter or taller children.
  • The hanging tee can be removed if you want only the T-ball action.
  • The balls have a self-stick capabilities to it, so it sticks to the pole of the baseball tee. You don’t have to worry about losing it since you can just stick it on there after you’re done using it.
  • The plastic bat is lightweight but has good tension for a good hit.

If your kids are as active as mine, this would be a good addition to their outdoor activity. You can even take it to a nearby park for some additional fun.

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