At the heart of adding flavor with extra virgin olive oil
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At the heart of adding flavor with extra virgin olive oil
Do you need to add extra flavor to your food?

Do you cook as much as I do? What type of oil or flavor do you use in your food? Would you want to flavor your life with extra virgin olive oil? Well come along on a journey to find out a little more about this awesome extra virgin olive oil.

Virtual Event

Being invited to the Flavor Your Life With Extra Virgin Olive Oil virtual event was very exciting! There was so much information you learn about olive oil and where it comes from. Flavor Your Life is hoping to educate American people about the authentic extra virgin olive oil that comes from Europe.

With their rich history and decision properties that the oil displays, they want to share the culinary culture that has been harvested in Europe for so long. I was able to view several chefs showcasing their use of the oil and how to accommodate it to your daily life. Many speakers joined to talk about their own experiences as well, and it was an awesome experience to participate with other moms.

Alissa was one of the speakers and I gained so much information from her. She was giving us the breakdown of how the extra virgin oil was created. From having to plant an olive tree as young as 2 years old, to waiting for a few years before it can be picked. After it’s picked, the process of getting through the cleaning, the mill, and the making of the paste was very interesting to learn.

She not only discussed the process of it, but also the benefits of using extra virgin olive oil in your food as well. The antioxidants in them provide a healthier benefit than a regular oil. She showed so much passion and love when talking about the whole process of the production.

My Views

Upon receiving the kit, that contained a 500 ml bottle of Le Stagioni d” Italia 100% extra virgin olive oil, I was super excited to start using it. It arrived in a well packaged box with the items supported. It also came with recipe cards and a box of risotto which complimented very well.

Olive oil is an essential food item in our house because I use it to cook so many things. From as simple as scrambling an egg to creating big pasta dish, we never run out of it in our house. When I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions, I knew it was a product that I would love.

Instead of the normal use, I actually used it to create some shrimp fried rice. I wanted to know if it would create a different taste/texture to the food. It added an extra flavor to the food and the family enjoyed it very much. I felt like it gave it an extra moist to the rice and the shrimp as well. You can definitely use it to create other food. Sprinkling it on a salad or using it to cook some dessert also works too.

Flavor Your life

  • The extra virgin olive oil is made by pressing olive oil, without the use of heat or chemicals.
  • It is free of acidity and tested for peroxide values.
  • The oil has high smoking point of 400°F, so its suitable for cooking and baking.
  • It should be stored somewhere dark and cool, not near a stove or counter.
  • Its best used within 6 months of opening.

Le Stagioni d’ Italia

  • Brings authentic Italian foods from seed to shelf, selecting seeds, harvesting crops, and packaging foods in their facilities in Northern Italy.
  • They have a supply chain that guarantees great care during the process of creating an exceptional taste.
  • It’s the first cold pressed olive oil
  • Harvested in Italy, its vegan, gluten free, and no additives or preservatives.
  • The typical retail value of the oil is $19.99 for a 500 mL bottle.

I’m not sure how long this oil will last because its being used on pretty much everything we eat. The aroma and the flavor it brings to the food is absolutely amazing. If you enjoy olive oil, I would highly recommend using this extra virgin olive oil. You’ll want to add it to everything too!

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