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With over a year of covid-19 life, we were hoping to see some ease with this virus. But then new variants such as Delta and Omicron have taken over. With this list of the most commonly used covid-19 essential items found on amazon, our pandemic life is just like at the beginning. (I didn’t share any Links to masks because I’ve yet to find one that I favored over another)

MiLife Health Visor Mask Holder

How handy does this come? With so many germs being spread everywhere, one less thing to worry about is if you’re going to be “wearing” the germs on your face. With this visor, you can easily pull out a mask one by one without the fear of contaminating/spreading germs grabbing many.

PURELL SINGLES Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel

We’ve always had the Purell/Germx Gel bottles but how handy does this come in to take on the go?

Hand Sanitizer Wipes by Boogie Wipes, Alcohol-Free

This one is my favorite especially for kids. My daughter broke her arm recently and couldn’t get her cast wet at all. Fear of the sanitizer gel getting in side of it, I got her these to use at school, and they came in very handy.

Lysol Disinfectant Handi-Pack Wipes, 

Disinfectant wipes were one of the most essential items when this whole pandemic started. It’s more available now than before, but these small packs are easy to take or keep in a purse/backpack.

Softsoap Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap

Soaps were going in and out during the Pandemic as well. This one is a pretty good deal for the pack

Dawn Dish Soap Platinum Dishwashing Liquid

keeping your hands clean is essential but keeping the dishes you eat out of clean is also important.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Sanitizing and Antibacterial Spray

Although the wipes are handy, having the spray is sometimes a necessity. Large areas of germs that can easily be sprayed are more easy to target.

Ozium® 8 Oz. Air Sanitizer & Odor Eliminator

When the pandemic started, I wasn’t even aware of any air sanitizer. My husbands co-worker actually got a few for us and it came in very handy, especially when we traveled or did a short getaway.

Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper

Do you recall the cray mayhem of toilet papers right at the beginning of the pandemic days? Who would have ever thought there would a toilet paper shortage in a million years. Well these soft cushiony toilet papers are available at your convenience.

Kleenex Expressions Soothing Lotion Facial Tissues with Coconut Oil

It’s the winter times on top of covid days. Kleenex is and will be an essential items as we over the cold weathers and try to keep our children from the runny nose days.

With Omicron on the rise having a lot of the most commonly used covid-19 essential items will come in handy for many households.

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  1. Definitely a lot of masks, soap, and hand sanitizer here! Also disinfectant spray!

  2. I can’t leave how long we’ve been walking through this pandemic! This is such a useful list to keep thing organized and accessible. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My boyfriend works in a hospital, so we’re using all these items around our house right now!

  4. As a nurse, I can tell you that I use them a lot.

    1. enlightenedelisa1


  5. Kleenex with coconut oil, nice! I haven’t seen that.

    1. enlightenedelisa1

      It was new to me too

  6. The items I used the most throughout this pandemic have been face masks and hand sanitizer.

    1. enlightenedelisa1

      Same here!

  7. I use a lot of these products but never seen the visor for mask. I have to say that looks pretty handy.

    1. enlightenedelisa1

      I’ve seen a lot of kids use it in the beginning of covid

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